XRI Resolution using XRD 1.0

From IIW

About a dozen of us went over the protocol flow for XRI Resolution 3.0 – the new version of XRI resolution that will be based on the XRD 1.0 discovery/descriptor document format from the XRI TC.

The flow is very similar to XRI Resolution 2.0 (which used the previous XRDS format) except that it is significantly simpler with XRD. The key takeaways were:

1) From the standpoint of standard XRD libraries, such as we anticipate OpenID v.next will use, resolution of an XRI will look just like XRD discovery on a URI. All of the resolution steps will be hidden from the library because they will happen on the server side.

2) Even a true local XRI resolver should be able to use the standard XRD format, including the basic URI template defined in the Host-Meta spec (see Eran Hammer-Lahav’s blog at http://hueniverse.com/ for links to all of these specs).

The next step is for an editing team at the XRI TC (most likely Drummond Reed and John Bradley) to produce a Working Draft 01 spec.