Wyoming Laws & Regs Proposals

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Wyoming Laws & Regulations

Tuesday 5L

Convener: Christopher Allen

Notes-taker(s): Paul Dietrich

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Wyoming, state laws, federal law, laws, legal, regulation, legislative, blockchain, privacy, identity

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

recap on Wyoming identity history

passed 5 major bills in 2018 

HP101 — changes the way the corporation works.  

LLCs which were invented in Wyoming

stockholders no longer have to be represented by a name.  

All they need is a public key.\

All you need to give notice to shareholders is a public network address (DiD like)

Wyoming also defied the rules for a token offering.  Still not legal as federal laws trump state laws.

2019 — 

1000s of new companies domiciled in Wyoming. 

legalized some legal rules for corporation to appear on blockchain.

corporate governance can be done with blockchain.

this is still managed by a registered agent

Wyoming rule that there is a 2 year perfection on bitcoin,

Chris tried to get orgbook like tools for companies within Wyoming. That is, something like

orgbook for corporations.  That didn’t happen for historical reasons.

Determined that in 2020 they could establish limited state bank

Democratic chair rom Wyoming asked Chris to vote on what could we do about

identity and privacy that might fit in and align with values and mission in 

state of Wyoming.

Ideas to propose:

KYC — propose that Wyoming have a band rely on a 3rd party for KYC with indemnification within

limits.  Unfortunately, federal law trumps this due to FDIC since that requires everyone do their own


Make it that under civil court, the specific performance of turning over keys should be prohibited.  Instead the party 

should transfer the bitcoin (or other digital asset) directly.  The reason is that they key may also control 

other things like DID, other wallets, FIDO etc.  The private key is a digital asset that is not meant to be 

shared to traded.

Biometric laws — Illinois has a requirement that all biometric information be collected only 

with there permissions of the users.  (e.g. using a photo to do identification).  etc.  

Considered this for Wyoming, it might be too late.

Should Wyoming do something with GDPR or California privacy.  May be too soon and see

if they get better.

If they do, its important to consider the penalties in CA and GDPR.

Discussion of specifying requirements for open source for children etc.  

Require that for state procurement that everything has to be vendor neutral, standards based.

This is not Chris’s portion of the recommendations.

An argument around rights not property.  Property is extrinsic and alienable, but personal

information is not.  What can be said to form a libertarian argument around protecting data.

Idea to have Wyoming accept state tax payment in bitcoin. This was explored the first

year but there were complications with the way the state keeps its bank account which fell

under federal rule.

An idea forbidding sale of data but only allow licensing of data.  The discussion also

lead to establishing self-determination.  How to extend the right to control their physical

person to the right to control their digital person (data).  

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