World Economic Forum: Update on ‘Rethinking Personal Data’

From IIW

Session Topic: World Economic Forum: Update on “rethinking” personal data project

Wednesday 4J

Convener: Kaliya

Notes-taker(s): Kaliya

From Carl:

For those that were interested and wanted to know more there are now formal summaries of the Brussels and China events up on our website:<>

Direct links to the session summaries: China - Brussels -

Kaliya Notes:

New world - different data processor...

Move the model...define appropriate use.

Active discussion in the committee on security and privacy.

OECD process and closing.

Context and collection - big data, actively want to use data.

Other wise people quality

secondary sources to profile anyways...

it is like the security escalation - cyber security.

lets solve it all now.


risks... limited trusted flow

OECD report about the respective value of the data.

How to value it within context.

Better Evidence, Deeper Understanding - more Transparency, - better Decision making -> Changes in attitudes and actions...

What is being measured

What should be measured

How should we measure in an adaptive interactive way.

Internet economy or data driven economy.

What are the risks...

User mental models.

Variables that make up how they think about it.


  • type of data
  • type of entity
  • trust in Service Provider
  • Collection method
  • Device Context
  • Usage Application
  • Fair Value Exchange

This changes along with social norms...

Privacy is not a binary conversation


users feel that that accountability must be distributed.

They like right of self determination

ISOC has done a global survey amongst

believe TOS is unenforceable.

choice -> Access -> barrier...

Monday at the OECD - big data event.

On Monday.