Workshop – Universal URI For Deep Linking in All SSI Mobile APPS

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Workshop: Universal URI for Deep Linking In All SSI Mobile Apps

Wednesday 10I

Convener(s): Alexis Falquier

Notes-taker(s): Alexis Falquier

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Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Universal deep linking for SSI mobile apps

-Protocol vs Address Mapping

-Mix of both through a page that tries to handle the protocol (html first then protocol)

-protocols asks user which app to open

-Option to register address as well

-address mapping should resolve to a site that follows a set of standards of what instructions are displayed

-Invite generating entity maps to an address of their choice, they can define what is on there as long as they abide by the initial set of standards that are defined in the spec

RFC to be made

Intro Page Requirements Spec:

-launch page that tries to launch the protocol handler

-if protocol handler fails, present a user friendly guide to install a didcom compatible wallet (which wallets are displayed is up to the sender)

-Provides link or QR code for once the wallet is installed in the same page

-Page must allow to copy the message to then be pasted or saved according to wallet capabilities

-if URL shortener used, information should not be disclosed and shortener should not persist longer than x

-?a way for the page to validate the message and make the recommendations accordingly?

^wallet spec may need to add copy/paste capabilities

(URL shortner might need be a separate RFC spec in it of itself)

Message requirements:

-message URL query d_m meaning didcom_message for universal message availability

-JSON base64 URL encoded messages

-JSON must be in the shortest form possible (no extraneous white spaces)

Deciding which Protocol URI to use


SSI wins

wait nevermind:


Why DIDCOM: less political, the message sent will inherently be a didcom message

RFC to be revisited when all common platforms support didcom spec then instead of http first, protocol takes precedence

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