Women In Identity @womeninID *Plans for 2019 * How do we create success? (Allies & Supporters Welcome!)

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Women In Identity: Plans for 2019, How Do We Create Success?

Wednesday 9B

Convener: Pam Dingle

Notes-taker(s): Wendy Hanamura

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Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

1. Notes received from Wendy Hanamura:

Attendance: 24 women, 2 men


2-3 years ago we founded Women in Identity. Global group.

There are many Women in Tech groups, but few groups dedicated to mentoring each other within a sector.

Visibility is a core issue.

How do we fix that?

How do we create a community so we know we aren’t alone?

Big learnings from previous conversations: Many women are not able to defend themselves. But when it comes to advocating for another woman, women will go to the mat for each other. One tactic for instance, instead of self-promotion, nominate another woman.


-Shared tools—shared repository and way to communicate. (Slack; Rocketchat)
-Place to aggregate contacts;
-place where people work together;
-a safe place where we support each other; a place to vent about the bullshit in the industry
-mentoring relationships;
-networking for collaboration and opportunity
-how do we get past the 5 women gatekeepers—their minds are the database
-Can we make this not hierarchical
-How do I know what it takes to build a protocol?
-How do you get involved in a space if you are not technical
-Making room and advocacy for non-white men & neural diversity & diverse body types

MAIN GOALS for this Session:

1. tell you how to join the Women in Identity group

2. Share the website—how to contribute content; places to register if you want to speak at conferences;

3. Create a listserv

4. Create a requirements document for developing the website in the future

5. Those who want to be on the volunteers list, let Pam know and she will add you


1. How to build a cross-silo group

2. How do we create mentors?

3. Get the marketers, create resume-building positions;

4. Co-present with other women to open doors


1. Google Group—womeninidentity.org

2. Hyperledger Women (Ambassadors) – NOTE: became primarily famous women who don’t do much to work for the group; now work all done thru Jira; tag yourselves; one issue: reputation is based on Github/engineering commits and not on organizing prowess.

3. Created a List: Women in Identity to follow on Twitter ( by Ellie Stephens)

4. Created a list: TOKEN WOMEN – Women in Blockchain (Ellie Stephens)

5. Jobs list on Rocket Chat

A. Self Introductions:

Name, position, and twitter handle/email

B. Who is looking for work: Who is looking for help?

C. What is your most important website content: (# voting for that)

-Job board (10)
-Conference speakers (15)
-Mentors (10)
-Website content (8)
-Special interest groups (2)
-Interviewing other women in Identity (5)
-Chat (1)
-Events (4)

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