Why Super Voter ID (5H)

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Why super Voter ID (5H)

Convener: Ankit Kapas

Notes-taker(s): Tim Gholson

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Slide 2: List of what politicians pay attention. We want to get to the top of the list.

Slide 3: Build big enough groups of SuperVoters to get the attention of politicians. Making it convenient for the SV. Not a huge a time commitment

Slide 4: Began story from Phil Wendling about his experience with someone reaching out to him to help him fight SOPA based on his twitter activity. Someone is mining for opponents to SOPA to get them involved. NewGov is a much less time consuming and cheaper way to organize a group than paying a consultant.

NewGov will prove through a 3rd party that you are a voter in a specific district for a Politician to pay attention.

Slide 6: Policy development group around an issue of geographic boundary. Defined with a lot of collaboration to make it all work.

Slide 7: Has the ability to tie different jurisdictions together based on who is involved in the committees to put pressure on politicians to act.

Briefing Book gathers information and opinions from constituents and presents to the politician what they feel and what they want.

Any issue can create a group to work together to make change locally, in their state or nationally.

We have the ability to visually show who is on a committee to let you know where you need to contact to find more support through your social networks.

For additional information go to: www.newgov.us