What do USERS want?

From IIW

Issue/Topic: What Do Users Really Want

Session: WEDNESDAY, 5G

Conference: IIW-11 November 2-4, Mountain View, Complete Notes Page

Convener: Brian Schmidt

Notes-taker(s): Brian Schmidt

Tags: Multiple personae, user experience

Discussion notes:

  • Users are asking for fewer credentials but to have multiple personas online.
  • Users place different levels of trust in different personas.
  • Identity = Actual Person; Personae = how you want to be known to an application
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo all give you personae to be used across internet
  • Over time, trust in the personae can change.
  • Critical personae (banking, health, etc). Social personae (facebook stuff).
  • Most users are “reactive” to privacy issues; they’re largely unaware of issues until they start hearing about things in the press, from friends (even happens to them).
  • Which identities to people use depends on what they’re doing.

Gigya data support this: http://info.gigya.com/Identity.html

  • Advisable that PDS (or other trust systems) should allow for multiple personae because users demand this type of flexibility.
  • PDS systems should support real-world behavior with regards to multiple personae
  • PDS user interfaces should make mapping to personae dirt simple.
  • Don’t overcomplicate PDS for users; focus on the few really impactful ideas and discard the other ideas until proven to be needed (Apple approach).