What Would a Great NSTIC Pilot Look Like? (2A)

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What Would a Great NSTIC Pilot Look Like (2A)

Convener: Jeremy Grant

Notes-taker(s): Ross Foard

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Update on NSTIC

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Congress funded NSTIC national program office at 16.5M

Will be issuing grant ops ~ 10M

On Grants.gov not FEDBIZ.OPS  

Grants are a bit different animal than contracts  

12 thoughts on the kind of objectives we'd like to accomplish from earlier session

What do you think should we be looking for in an effective pilot?  

1. What you hope to accomplish is for the pilot to establish a sustainable capability

  • a.Some may succeed and some may fail
  • b.We would hope the good ones would transition in to something usable

2. What would be the expectations of the results be immediately usable

  • a. We'd have to work that out
  • b. At least results would have to be publishable
  • c. Probably could be commercialized

3. One of the benefits of the PIV pilots enabled a team to be put together

  • a. Like to be able to walk away with a product that can be put on

4. A good pilot would do a good gob of bringing together different groups

  • a. For instance the Health community has pretty good information exchange

5. How does one do something that is both achievable and ambitious

  • a. Has to be a consortium that commits to bringing multiple parties to accomplish a given end
  • b. Have to build confidence to prove the concepts early and make if more universal later

6. What is the vision for the length of the pilot

  • a. Leave it out to the bidders
  • b. Should have a definitive start and end
  • c. Our message should be near term output

7. To the extent we deliver service or product how can we attract participants

8. What is a good idea on how to bring people to the table

9. Is there overlap between OIX and NSTIC?

  • a. There is overlap

10. What makes a good pilot

  • a. Must demonstrate what would make a RP use the Pilot
  • b. Reduction of liability
  • c. Ease of use
  • d. Security around password elimination
  • e. Limitation of gaming the advertising ecosystem

11. Wouldn't a combination of privacy enhancing technology and user control mechanisms to also enable monetization of the use of that data

12. Might be a good thing to name the attribute exchange to the attribute exchange pilots

  • a. What happens when one binds physical and logical attributes and the user
  • b. Pilots that are commercially funded to see what changes when the user is involved in the exchange of attributes (legal, business, technology)
  • c. Trust Framework Working Group

13. There is a transitional phase when one is doing anything new

  • a. It is disruptive by definition
  • b. Migration has to have a very strong value proposition

14. Grants are sometimes difficult for some companies to successfully negotiate

  • a. Might want to partner with an organization that is adept at grants
  • b. Not a recommendation, but might like to look at collaborating with Higher Ed
  • c. Jeremy not an expert on Grants, but entertained some thoughts on different items
    • i.Consortia
    • ii. Cost Sharing
    • iii. Partial grants
    • iv. Outside resources

15. We want to go surfing where the waves are

  • a. NSTIC doesn't want to make this happens

16. Is Public Relations part of the mix

  • a. What sort of support is needed?
  • b. What would get Consumers or Organizations to participate?

17. Don't want a one solution for all areas

  • a. This is the scope of the problem I want to do
  • b. The financial industry is obviously a partner
  • c. Know your customer laws exist
  • d. A lot of money to be saved

18. Role of risk in some of these pilots

  • a. How can an organization (RP) shift to other risk-based models
  • b. Risk assessments