VRM Loyalty Cards in Real World

From IIW

Notes from our first VRM session at IIW. Led by Chris Carfi.

(participants please correct or expand)

VRM and loyalty cards.

Chris showed <http://scanaroo.com>, which gives users a way to collect visual versions of their loyalty cards in one app on an iPhone. "Very much a 1.0 product right now." But with lots of potential.

We talked about that potential...

From USER's side, what can be done to improve the experience --

and the function.

WE advertise to THEM.

Expressing needs and wants

BugMeNot for Loyalty.

Shopping cart tracking / time shifted checkout (go through store checking out while moving)

Publishing shopping list exclusively to outfits to which we are loyal through Scanaroo (or the equivalent)

Eport/portability of info

"my history" -- a MINT.com for shopping

"Share a Deal"

  • location
  • product
  • time
  • store
  • me
  • price
vendors could subscribe to user data

Tagging/Folksonomy... XDI-like

Store Map + item location

Subscribe to 1,2 (at price)

The "Doc Searls" (or anybody) loyalty program. Stores are loyal to individuals, rather than vice versa. Leverage ID standards. e.g...



Concierge/personal shoper

"Find me the nearest X"

Site components (for scanaroo.com or whatever)