Use Case – Mandated Parent Educaiton

From IIW

Session Topic: Use Case to Solve

Wednesday 2G

Convener: Lisa Horwitch

Notes-taker(s): Lisa Horwitch

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered: Personal identification & authentication processes.

USE CASE TO SOLVE: Court mandated parent education for divorcing/separating parents. Currently use a face-to-face class. Now offering online. CHALLENGE: Judges mandating the parent education course need to know that the person taking the online course is, in fact, the person mandated to take the class (and not a “significant other” or the like). Parameters for solution: needs to be minimal to no cost; easy to use; enrollment; serves 2 different clientele populations (paying and no pay – indigent); ability to secure multiple log-ins. COME & PITCH ON THE SOLUTION(S). (Moderated by Kaliya)


This session provided an opportunity to hear various solutions to the challenge posted – in a court mandated parent education online course – how can the court (Judges) be assured that the person “ordered” to take the online program is actually the person who signs up, logs in, and takes the class? In addition, how does the online company assure that the person taking the class, continues to be the actual person who is supposed to take the course (ongoing monitoring during class sessions or multiple log-ins)?

Background: The online class is structured in a way where the client purchases a 30-day account. During that 30-day period the client/parent has the opportunity to log in and out as often as he/she wishes. The client/parent is not required to take the course in 1 sitting. The class takes between 3-5 hours to complete. At the end of the class each participant receives a certificate of completion which is then provided to the court as compliance with the court order.

Needs for authentication include:

  • Minimal to no cost
  • Not complicated
  • Easy to use (for parents/clients)
  • Serves 2 different clients groups (paying & non-paying)
  • Enrollment – 1 x; then how to monitor ongoing

Summary of items touched upon during session discussion:

  • KBA processes for each log in different set of questions
  • Webcams; some type of web proofing at the start (purchase page or onboarding process);
  • Potential for using picture of the client; how to maintain contact throughout the time the parent is taking the course (facial recognition, voice, etc)
  • Use of some type of Biometrics (voice, thumb print, eye, signature, etc) – do at start.
  • Throughout the class find natural junctures within to use monitoring process.
  • Utilizing existing services (companies, auditing services, etc)
  • QR, Smart phones, etc.
  • US Postal Service (hub for ID authentication in future)

Any additional thoughts that one might want to share, please send your ideas to Lisa at