UX Design of Identity Systems

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UX Design of Identity Systems

Tuesday 5F Convener: Guy Lepage

Notes-taker(s): Scott Fehrman

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Current state of systems has been pretty bad

How user can take control of their identity

Typically for users that understand the technology

Current State

  • OpenID
  • Required to log into some identity provider, FB Login
  • Need to create an account ... Provides data or reference an existing account
  • Onboarding challenges
  • Adopting delegated identity data, reduced the friction
  • SSO ... Leveraging and initial
  • Account recovery
  • Level of assurance
  • Level of authentication
  • Limiting friction
  • In enterprise, need to make other people happy, not necessarily the end-user
  • In consumer its the value of the service or offering
  • Do you collection data just as needed or everything at once
  • Show incremental value as the relationship is built with the end user
  • People that use the Forgotten Password process for infrequent logins
  • Entering repetitive info

Goal ... How to improve on the experience

Different use cases ... Registration , Login, Proofing

In US no core common service for proofing

What about people that don't have access to modern technology

Balance of friction vs. value


Timing of when you ask for "something" during a process

Appropriate content

Knowledge based system to do login / access control

Respecting Identity

What's the level of assurance?