The State of SSI (gathering & sharing lists, stats, big news, etc.)

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The State of SSI (gathering & sharing lists, big news, etc)

Tuesday 4E

Convener: Timothy Ruff (DTV)

Notes-taker(s): Sarah Allen

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Acceleration of decision-making because of pandemic

One Example:

Evernym, NHS, UK

  • doctor shortage in the UK, doctors need to move to diff facility when there’s a spike in cases, half-day per doctor to provide credentials when going to a new institution
  • pilot with 100 doctors last year now accelerated to roll out 10k then target 1m NHS workers

Tim has at least 6 others.

Recent work for SalesForce

  • Review of VC acceptance by large organisations, academia and standards bodies

Kaliya recommended - as a community resource for sharing information about these ‘lists’ . Doesn’t cover the ledgers or standards

Pam Dingle also working on a list of standards

Learner Wallet - draft spec

DID Methods

Tim shared the link to the spreadsheets for contributions 

Reviewed all pages including the consortia, different types of factors to measure & track

Discussion re those who claim to be SSI or Distributed Identity but are not - ‘self-sovereign imposters’

Discussion re imposters will be found out if you can’t leave - customers are learning

SSI Credential for companies who claim to run or sell SSI systems / solutions, verified by known / respected consultancies (e.g., KPMG). Orgs can then use the Credential in marketing.

Could even go “meta”, where companies themselves have SSI wallet containing SSI Certification VC, which can be revoked. (Dogfooding!)


Momentum, Adoption

SSI markets

Listing, cresting a wave