Taxonomy of Trust

From IIW

Convener: Alex Rosen

Notes Taker: Jeff Hodges

  1. Reputation is at the basis of trust
  2. We can think about 3 kinds of reputation: explicit (eBay), implicit (Facebook), and performative (World of Warcraft).
    1. Performative is really the most interesting, but also the hardest to do online.
  3. Trust is the glue that holds together social interaction online, but for it to work, the 'types' of trust need to be varied and differentiated so that trust is harder to game.
  4. Where does openID, xrds, etc. fit into this? Do they support performance-based reputation and trust?
  5. is doing a lot of work in this space. JC from this company discussed their model and how social networks build trust.

You can download Alex's Thesis Distributed Consolidation: Identity, Reputation, and the Prospects for Online Social Interaction Here