Selling to Consumers

From IIW

Convener: Phil Wolff

Notes-taker: Paul Osman


OpenID, Identity, Data Portability, Evangelism, Marketing, Political Activism

Discussion notes:

  • Who to evangelize to? B2B or B2C?
  • Most efforts so far have been targeted towards site operators (B2B).
  • B2B evangelism is still beneficial. Rely on them to educate consumers about benefits / value / etc. (Teach the teacher).
  • How to market to consumers? Message is confusing (Too many choices!).
  • How to simplify the stack (easy to implement, easy to use).
  • What distribution / marketing channels to use?
    • We're an industry. Do we need a foundation (is it OpenID?)
    • What's been successful? Media (Fear mongering)
    • Inject the message into the user experience (i.e. remember sites directing users to update insecure browsers).
  • Successful case studies (EV Certs, Creative Commons, Privacy Policies)
  • Parallel with history of credit cards (i.e. used to be one per merchant, then VISA and MC convinced users that “membership had benefits”).
  • Progressive disclosure: Don't expose everything to the user at once. Ease them in.
  • Start with low risk but high value (i.e. start with friendfeed, not banks).
  • Messages:
    • “Safe Identity”
    • “Let My Data Go!” - Agit-prop campaign, make consumers demand it
    • “Membership Has Its Benefits!” - VISA and Mastercard approach (it's a club!)
  • Next Steps:
    • Get to the root of the problem (data portability? Identity?)
    • Solve the cognitive gap (Life Identity vs. Accounts)
    • Participants exchanged email addresses, another session proposed.