Self-Sovereign Support Technology (DID – Mobile – Bots -…)

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Self-Sovereign Support Technology

Tuesday 5F

Convener: Adrian Gropper

Notes-taker(s): Vivian Shen

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About Adrian: Full-time Patient Privacy Rights advocate for processes that preserve the self-


Try to apply the standards and policy in this context of technologies that is entirely own by an


Definition of Self-Sovereign

  1. an implant or defibrillator,
  2. a bot that act on your behalf because you are paralyzed,
  3. a robot in your house that have a lot of power over your aging mother

So who do you trust? Some of these things you don’t trust anyone or the person that recommends

but it will not go to the Cloud where a Metronics. Technology that is so personal that it is

completely owned by an individual.

3 kinds of SSS Technology:

  • DID – decentralized identifier that not tied to a certificate authority instead it is tied to a blockchain, it can be associated with your reputation, tied to Blockchain. Not complete self- sovereign. Trust independent of DMV or Facebook. It enables SSS.
  • Mobile- Biometric and secure element e.g. Apple Pay or Apple Healthkit. Apple will not see your data. Data on your mobile device but the Apple vendor does not see data, private key and it is link to biometric. Now you have a SSS. This authenticate your identity but also non-repudiable. Like Apple Pay because it is linked to your finger print.
  • Bot – authorization automation – Now what can you do with DID and Mobile? You can have a Bot or delegation to act for you where you are asleep or out of range. An agent that is SS to you. It is non-repudiable or relatively non-repudiable. In the long run, the Bot will have machine intelligent. Sirius will manage how much it is to call home or does it on the phone. Alexa has different partition. The Bot represents that represent the thing that is online as a server but is linked to your Mobile for control purpose but it is not your mobile because it is offline. (AI, Broker vs agent, policy source you inherit, policy UI)
  • Reliance Documents (birth, death certificate), Rights benefits Privileges (100 people can have the same birth record). *> Meaning, how do we properly notarize authoritative, or trust-anchor claims (repudiate or dispute)
  • Ability to assert facts without revealing the underlying information
  • …. – what else?

Is Bot a broker or agent?

Bot is a broker. In terms of AI, it is a broker. Traditional, it is a human broker, legal, financial. Tell

the rule to give to people. If $300, fix it. Today, the Bot maybe sufficient but sometimes with self-

driving, the Bot will inform human that it needs help. So it is a hybrid. Real-estate broker vs

Doctor, lawyers are agent. Concierge is not a broker. It is an agent. I tell you what I want in simple

language. I want certain job or opportunity. I want that within parameters.