Respect Network plus XDI

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Session Topic:Respect Network & XDI

Tuesday 5F

Convener: Markus Sabadello

Notes-taker: Brent Shambaugh

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

  1. respectnetwork, #XDI

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

1 minute intro:

    • cloud name in personal cloud
    • fancy name for getting cloud stuff
    • Personal cloud fancy name for XDI data store
    • Get an XDI identifier and XDI graph
    • XDI graph model with nodes and arcs
    • Cloud name is the XDI identifier

write applications that can put data in your graph

  • what does a graph look like?
  • How would you store certain data?
  • How do you communicate

Cloud name, how to find

  • → use data service discovery
  • How to find the cloud.

Register with cloud service provider

  • → get in register
  • → look for = variations cloud and registry service will tell you where it is
  • → run registry – XDI discovery process
  • → open and distributed XDI itself
  • repository

Avoid duplication across multiple registries

Respect network as one registry

==> cloud service providers completely decentralized...

  • Respect network as one registry
  • cloud service providers completely decentralized
  • find where is the cloud & the cloud #
  • cloud name human readable identifier (UUID)

more can change later

  • Transit more into number
  • OpenID … log w/ domain name ...but don't remember domain...
  • XDI ….more and number in case... you do not have domain name
  • Random identifier for cloud
  • Registry changes name… line persistent and uniqe with URI
  • You can have names, roles, and functionality
  • Can have multiple cloud names pointing to cloud #s
  • Also planning mechanism called pseudonyms

→ one cloud references the other …

  • expose yourself with different

→ like personas

UUID … what resources for XDI

XDI in Java ….run own XDI server.

Can do XDI discovery

Interoperate with Markus e-mail and then transverse.

Iterogate ,,,, find the cloud and then find data

--XDI .. multiple deployed here...

Tool for XDI discovery

Type cloud name and do discovery

UUID with extra info … then get address of cloud..

XDI response that I get out of it...

1st step finding cloud

2nd step find stuff within cloud?

Every cloud comes with key pairs

we call that peer-k-i

each person has more than one key pair within the cloud

  • validate … b/c discover the public key
  • cryptograpic signatures with the network

what is the authority? Authority ….technical name for my cloud.

  • Cloud that personal cloud anywhere.
  • Discovery Public Discovery

2nd class..

  • Anyone discover
  • Then certain fields discover

→ with a group of cloud network

  • w/policy within cloud
  • all on access to that group

→ discovery tool smart enough

  • Message .. who is sending the message


then talk about...

  • Look at actual data
  • Get into XDI syntax...

what is in my cloud

XDI tutorials...Explains XDI from scratch

Step 1. Graph Model

  • graph nodes and arc

empty graph has a common root node...

Markus' data

in 1 point encryption? (as in a very small font)

→ API driver question

programmatically create → send an XDI request and get an XDI response

2 different serialization formats of the graph


the union set is small query w/ XDI format

    • 2 different serialization formats

1 is JSON

  • what does an XDI graph look like?
  • Tool for displaying XDI graphs
  • finding adapter...peak of duct tapes adapters that are hard to find
  • XDI graph editor , create tool displaying graphs
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • common root for graphs
  • load a would be faster
  • Here is a graph – a force directed graph
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • change the sample graph
  • change the plus sign into something else...
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • was dictionary space...shift opp

- XDI …

  • I can see cloud name and cloud #
  • Alice name, e-mail...Alice e-mail, Bob's cloud # … 2222
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • not best practice b/c none are rassignable

→ node is a persistent address

  • Linking is something that is fundamentally reassignable
  • Pattern … Link to something that you want it to point to
  • difference between a name in brackets and the ampresand
    • create a triple … the predicate is always an ampresand
    • all relation statements show up in the graph as arks

identiy \ ampresand that represents a value

  • indentity at a value and indentity of the reference to a value
  • what would an xdi graph do … all of a sudden 111.
  • How would you change your cloud network on lionote
  • put a ref from the 1st cloud # to another

but these are the same

→ fundamental is control of the cloud #

  • Put an account into suspense

→ what a state between dead an alive

→ run through mat

XDI arch … can model every option...

reference … explicit

reference is opaque

Add personal cloud?

→ standardization of personal cloud

End of day circle time..