Rally CRY and Guiding Principles (Part 2)

From IIW

Session Topic: Rally CRY and Guiding Principles (Part 2)

Thursday 4F

Convener: Matt Schutte

Notes-taker(s): Matthew Schutte

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:


Mechanisms that have traditionally functioned well to balance privacy and transparency have begun to break down in the face of technological advances. One way that we could phrase this is: digital developments have perverted the structures that we live within.

The people at IIW tend to be focused on finding was to shape emerging digital structures to help restore, and possibly improve upon, these balancing mechanisms.

Some of the concepts that seem central to the IIW community:


persistence and revocability

anonymity and pseudonymity




trust networks




identity as a tool to enable community

rather than “trust” or “trustworthiness,” Alan Karp encourages us to use a different term, something like “vulnerability management.”

A rally cry and guiding principles should help provide clarity to those working within the community and foster cooperation. In addition, it should resonate on an emotional level beyond the community so that we can better communicate with the rest of the world about what we are working on and why it is important.

A good rally cry will not be all-encompassing and will not be accurate. However, it should hit at the heart of what drives this community.

Obviously, there is a diversity of views within this community. However, there is significant overlap concerning our overarching goals.

Some stabs at a Rally Cry:

  • make trustworthiness on the internet function more like a village than a city
  • Trust. Worthy. Internet.
  • villageffy the web
  • identity as a tool to enable community