Providing 1 Billion People with a Useful Personal Cloud is Cheap and Easy

From IIW

Session Topic: Providing 1 Billion People with a Useful Personal Cloud is Cheap & Easy

Wednesday 4H

Convener: Patrick Deegan

Notes-taker(s): Patrick Deegan

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered: personal cloud, scaling, deployment, minimum viable product

centralized to distributed

  • need to replicate services that exist presently and do better
  • This is the pattern in technology we expect to continue, thus after we distribute personal cloud resources, new services that take advantage of centralized efficiencies will pop up, repeat
  • bootstrap innovation to crowd-source killer apps

many types of trust frameworks or personal clouds is good

  • we need general purpose without many restrictions that does something really well

minimum functionality

  • communication utilities
  • content addressability
    • no global identifiers
    • need more resilient, distributed
  • discovery
  • identity
  • privacy
  • security

seemed to have some consensus around premise

  • get something done
    • various communities like Quantified Self, and internet of things can really benefit from a platform on which they can employ

principles of open source collaboration (low coordination costs)

  • incremental
  • build upon what we already have and get into market, rather than trying to make perfect app and take a long time to release
  • experiment often and early to discover what customer wants
  • communication standards
    • http is example of protocol designed for one purpose that wasn't perfect for many of the uses we have for it today, however it is better (than what may have happened if the protocol was designed to handle much more) because it wasn't overly restrictive and people have found great ways to use it (ways it wasn't originally intended for)
  • worth looking into: automatic standard negotiation for interop
  • local standards
    • communities should be able to decide locally, don't impose global

some people showed up to see us deploy 1 billion personal clouds

  • still unsure if rackspace would willingly bill me
  • or press charges