Privacy Features

From IIW

Session Topic: Privacy Features of Authentication Methods

Tuesday Lunch 2H

Convener: Francisco Corella

Notes-taker(s): Karen Lewison

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered: Privacy, authentication, privacy enhancing technologies, crytographic authentication

Presentation/discussion notes:

A survey of 18 different authentication technologies was presented, based on a presentation at ID360 2013 in Austin TX, which consists of a classification scheme and a privacy feature matrix.

Summarized in a table with two parts--

1. 4 facets of classification--how the service provider receives identity and/or attributes, 2 versus 3 parties involved, attributes v identity, open v closed loop

2. 7 privacy features

In-depth discussion of the included technologies and their privacy features. Lots of useful feedback from both the session participants, and from an online discussion started the prior day on the IDCommons mailing list, which will be included in a revised paper.





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