Privacy - Why Not

From IIW

Session Topic: Privacy – Why Not

Thursday 3C

Convener: Morten V. Christiansen

Notes-taker(s): Tom Brown

There doesn't seem to be a business case for privacy. This is partly a consequence of history and infrastructure.

Can IDPs turn into anonymity protectors?

Privacy is grossly undervalued. We don't think of harms because they don't happen frequently enough. ("Black swan" events). We have short memories.

U.K (and also Denmark): citizens generally trust government and they are also most surveilled

U.S: citizens historically generally do not trust government.

Ponemon (Larry) Institute - privacy research

NY Times sells profiles of readers gets hate mail even from small bloggers is pay as you want

mobile apps - often you can pay for an ad-free version although it is a small minority that do

Silk Road & Tor

Pew Results: People's 1st concern is Facebook and Google. Last is government.

Insurance, advertising companies creating profiles from online data

It is social problems that need to be addressed more than technical problems