Personal Data Stores in the Enterprise (collaboration and ownership)

From IIW

Personal Data Stores in the Enterprise

Tuesday 2F

Convener: Tarik Kurspahic and Shane Green

Notes-taker(s): Tarik Kurspahic

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In this session, we shared market intelligence from TeamData's ( various

attempts at getting consumers to embrace personal data stores (PDS) and the reasons behind some

the failures. There are recent successes as well though and they stem from going through


While it's hard to get consumers to embrace a PDS, enterprises know they are lacking security &

privacy around sensitive company data and are more willing to be proactive. Getting to the right

stakeholders who want to clean up their process and tools means a wider adoption by employees,

who eventually get to the "aha" moment and turn around and use it in their private lives. This

allows us to preserve the wider mission of getting consumers to eventually adopt a PDS and get

better about managing their data by being introduced to it through their workplace.