PDE - Go to Market and Community Strategy

From IIW

Title: Personal Data Ecosystem Go to Market Part 2

Session: Thursday, Session 3, Space A

Conference: IIW-11 November 2-4, Mountain View, Complete Notes Page

Convener, Note Taker:Kaliya Hamlin

What are the use cases for initial got to market?

What is the value proposition for those who have capital?

Monetization is key

Don’t make a guess

Pitch is conversation

Let us tell you (across multiple domains)

Refine conversation model

User -> “Intent to purchase” explicit declaration -> Existing Data Exchange?

Key Models/Features outlined

  • Social Address Book
  • Alternative Social Graph (owned by people in it)
  • Groups
  • Better Targeting
  • VRM B->C
  • Core Services - Backup, DeDupe, Sync

Question: What do we “have to have” for data.

Interop how does this actually happen

Who is solving this? Where is it being solved?

Do defacto standards emerge

One could go at this with a chart

Across the top the different groups

  • Telco’s
  • Webco’s
  • Apps/Developers/Startups
  • Standards Stuff/ Interop
  • Legal Regulatory Advocacy
  • End User Citizens People
  • B-C Businesses
  • B-B Businesses
  • Organizations, NGO’s, NPO’s (churches, activism groups, schools)
  • Informal Groups/Classes
  • Education
  • Standards/Industry Organizations

on the other axis - Today, Unanswered Questions, Can do soon, long term

Go to Market Paths:

  • Telco’s adopt PDS + give to consumer
  • Facebook/MSFT/Google/Yahoo! gives data control to user
  • 3rd Party creates PdS for users, advocates with users for integration with services (Statz, Buynamite, Epass)
  • Laws & Regulation make more money by complying. Potential for new regulation in US and EU existing law.