Ontology for the Personal Data Ecosystem

From IIW

Session Topic: Ontology for the Personal Data Ecosystem

Wednesday 4B

Convener: Joe Andrieu

Notes-taker(s): Lionel Wolberger

The need for a well defined lexicon was presented, and progress was made towards specifying that lexicon.


A "Build Or Buy" report is being drafted by PDEC. The report enables PDE solutions providers to both discover providers of needed functionality, and announce their value proposition so others can find them. The solutions will be stored in a database. The database stores RDF triples. An RDF triple is a statement about a particular solution with a subject, predicate and object. For example, we looked at personal.com and generated the following RDF statements:

:personal p:name “Personal” ;
      a p:company ;
      p:legalName “Personal, Inc.” ;
      p:url <http://www.personal.com> ;
      p:offer :personalService ;
      p:offer :fileThis ; 
      p:tagline “All life’s details in one secure place” .
:personalService a p:personalDataStore ;
      a p:softwareAsAService ;
      p:has p:accessPoint ;
      p:has p:accessRules .
      p:has p:authorizationManager ;
      p:has p:consentManager ;
      p:has p:personalAssetStore ;
      p:has p:translator ;
      p:name “Personal Service” ;


It was decided that in order to generate the well-defined terminology, we need to express the goal of the exercize. Participants generated goal statements, that were then inspected and a collective goal was formulated.


Generate agreement on a common model and vocabulary of the personal data ecosystem to enable adoption, collaboration and competition


To recruit a small group of people ready to work on the ontology, generate and close the lexicon that will be used in the report and database.