OX Open Source – OpenID Connect and UMA / Demo

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Session Topic: OX Open Source Open ID Connect and UMA Demo

Tuesday 5A

Convener: Mike Schwartz

Notes-taker(s): Mike Schwartz

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Mike gave a demo of the OX OpenID Connect Platform. See http://ox.gluu.org for the latest code and documentation.

The demo showed how an organization could use the OX platform to define custom authentication policies, to define claims (or attributes) and to release these claims to dynamically registered clients.

Mike also talked about the roadmap, which includes support for UMA, multi-party federation, and clustering. Gluu is also moving the code for mapping identity information from existing ldap servers (like Active Directory) from its commercial product into the OX open source platform.

Gluu is working to get its software into Linux distributions like Red Hat and Debian. The deployment is relatively simple: install an LDAP server like ForgeRock OpenDJ, install tomcat, and drop the two "war" files (one for oxAuth and one for oxTrust) into the tomcat webapps folder.

Support for OX is available via the mailing list. Gluu also sells support for commercial deployments.

The attached diagram was referred to by Mike.

IIW15 T5A.png