OMIE – customer commons

From IIW

Session Topic: Omie Update (Version 2.0)

Wednesday 4F

Convener: Doc Searls

Notes-taker(s): Bill Wendel—OmieUpdate

What is Omie?

Pull quotes from Omie home page

What defines an Omie?

At this stage we don’t propose to have a tight definition as the project could evolve in many directions; so our high level definition is that an Omie is ‘any physical device that Customer Commons licenses to use the name, and which therefore conforms to the ‘customer side’ requirements of Customer Commons.

Version 1.0 will be a ‘Customer Commons Omie’ branded white label Android tablet with specific modifications to the OS, an onboard Personal Cloud with related sync options, and a series of VRM/ Customer-related apps that leverage that Personal Cloud.

All components, wherever possible, will be open source and either built on open specs/ standards, or have created new ones. Our intention is not that Customer Commons becomes a hardware manufacturer and retailer; we see our role as being to catalyse a market in devices that enable people in their role of ‘customer’, and generate the win-wins that we believe this will produce. Anyone can then build an Omie, to the open specs and trust mechanisms.

What kind of apps can this first version run?

We see version 1 having 8 to 10 in-built apps that tackle different aspects of being a customer. The defining feature of all of these apps is that they all use the same Personal Cloud to underpin their data requirements rather than create their own internal database.

Beyond those initial apps, we have a long list of apps whose primary characteristic is that they could only run on a device over which the owner had full and transparent control.

Use Case: Omie as "Home into a box"

  • Consumer benefit: OMie = Creates "Peace of Mind" to new homeowners

Omie: Different models / versions based on Household profile

  • Home ownership
  • Smart Home
  • Transition to Smart Home
  • Landlord Property management
  • Rent collection
  • New tenant "packages"
  • Disintermediation Box
  • Focus on reaching those homeowners, particularly 1st time homeowners, who intent to sell
  • Give neighbors an Omie Box?
  • For every home on the market, there are two in the Intention Inventory
  • Downsizing Box
  • 85M baby boomers
  • Facilitate digital downsizing

Market potential

  • 110 Million Households
  • Goal: Help homeowners manage homes, increase value
  • Ongoing, PICO-enable property manager / home inspector

Market segmentation / penetration strategy

  • Existing home sales: 5 million per year
  • Give away device as "closing gift"
  • Partner with insurance companies, inspectors, mortgage brokers, & real estate agents
  • Moves: 40 million per year

Potential Home Sellers (for sale by owner) = Intention Inventory

Make available to homeowners who may be considering selling their homes

Zillow: For every home on the market, there are two watching

BASICs: Preloaded on Omie

  • Who preloads
  • Cost to pre-load?
Static items
  • Digital record of real estate transaction
  • Contracts
  • Market brochures, fliers
  • MLS listing
  • User manuals of house
  • Room by room details
  • eg. Paint colors (PMS code)


  • Digitized layout
  • Digitized site plan
  • Electronic layout: Breaker Box
  • Public records: Solaris
  • Data in Solaris system (used in some states)
  • Rite of way

Legal documents

  • Deed
  • Condo docs

House history

  • Utility history
  • Repair history

Home Vault

  • Links to existing Personal Cloud vendor

Home Inventory

INTENTCASTING Functions / House related use cases

  • Transition relationship from old owner to new owner
  • Directory of past service providers from previous homeowner
  • Service requests
  • Pre-bundled special offers?
  • Test sales market
  • Make Me Move
  • Linked to Zillow
  • Geo-Fence bundled into Omie (BW idea)
  • PICOs
  • Prompt homeowner to issue IntentCasts based on Life Expectancy of building system, appliance, etc.
  • Relocation app / Should we move?
  • Relocation scenario builder
  • TLC = True Living Costs
  • Issue buyer-slded IntentCasting

Pre-bundled Apps

  • Option: Give away Omie
  • Pre-bundled with apps who pay for preferred placement (free trials)
  • Different pre-bundle for different market segments
  • 1st time home sellers
  • More than 70% of 1st time homeowners consider selling "for sale by owner"
  • App Store
  • Upgrade path
  • VRM communities
  • Functionality
  • App Store
  • Remote Property Management
  • Intergenerational User Interface
  • Home Warranty Repairs
  • IoT: Internet of Things


  • Give away Omie
  • Pay for Placement
  • 1st time home sellers
  • Check home versus public records

Data Streams: My Home (Consumer Benefits)

  • Utilities
  • Ability to monitor monthly / seasonal utility costs
  • Make recommendations to reduce ownership costs
  • Mortgage
  • Monthly updates to home value
  • Monthly updates to home equity
  • Auto-payment
  • Equity Acceleration
  • Option to make extra mortgage payments
  • PICO Home Inventory
  • Shelving / Inventory
  • Shopping alerts
  • Home maintenance alerts
  • Declutter #TossTags

Data Stream: My community / neighborhood / street / neighbors (Community Benefits)

  • School related data streams
  • Crime stats
  • Social capital: donate to Customer Commons
  • Public incentives / subsidy alerts
  • Incentive systems offered by local governments
  • Home improvements
  • Energy improvements


  • Customer control
  • Privacy & security


  • 11/6-11/12: Attend National Association of Realtors Convention
  • 11/6: Real Estate unconference
  • 11/8-11: NAR Exhibitor Hall (shop for partners)