OIDC RP testing – hands on

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OpenID Connect RP Certification Hands-On

Wednesday 4D

Convener: Roland Hedberg

Notes-taker(s): Mike Jones

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RP Certification Hands-On Session - Roland Hedberg - IIW - 28-Oct-15   Roland Hedberg

Edmund Jay

Mike Jones

Sascha Preibisch

Sampo Kellomäki

William Denniss

Nov Matake

Sarah Squire

Mark Mucha

Greg Haverkamp  

Roland went over the RP testing tool and how to use it   Documentation is at https://www.dirg.org.umu.se/static/oictest/how_to_use_rp_test.html The code is at https://www.github.com/rohe/oidctest/.html  

Can only test RPs that can use OP configuration discovery information

Path specifies behavior of test OP

Uses IP address of RP as correlation handle for requests  

Logs at /log//<id>

Logs are currently just appended to and not cleared

William Denniss asked for a way to clear a log  

test_rp/rp/cflows.py - Test configuration for Roland's RP code that he is using to test the tests   test_rp/op/static/pathmap.py - Paths defining tests to run   Edmund Jay showed us running RP tests for his implementation   His test tool is at https://www.connect.openid4.us:5443/phpRp                A redirect_uri used by his RP:

https://www.connect.openid4.us:5443/phpRp/index.php/implicit   A log: https://www.rp.certification.openid.net:8080/log/

An issuer: https://www.rp.certification.openid.net:8080/rp-id_token-bad_asym_sig_rs256