Notes IIW11

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Session 1

A: Intro to PDS (Personal Data Store)

B: Trust Frameworks Analogue to Digital Converters

D: Decline of User-Centric Identity an analysis

E: OAuth Listening Tour

F: Activity Streams 101

G: Verified Identity Claims 1

I: UMA 101 User Managed Access

Session 2

A: OpenID OAuth - Social Networking for online retailers

B: ID Commons -IIW Intro

C: Open-Federated Social Networking

E: Deep Dive OpenID - AB

F: VRM Development

I: No Base String

Session 3

A: Attenuated Redelegation

B: Web inSecurity

C: Verified Identity Claims "U Prove Intro"

D: Facebook as a Personal Data Store

E: JSON Tokens

F: Mobile Social Networking

I: OpenID Connect Discovery

Session 4

C: Pseudonyms for Privacy

F: Rap Leaf Is it a joke?

G: Verified Identity Claims 3

I: Handling Unregistered Clients in OAuth and OpenID connect

Session 5

A: Change Notify Proposal

B: OAuth Multiple Token


E: OpenID Connect

F: Personal Data Ecosystem

G: Health and VRM

I: Making Security Decisions Disappear


Session 1

A: Value Network Mapping Analysis for personal data ecosystem

D: Future Phone Device Authorization

E: Enterprise OAuth BOF Level Set

I: OpenID Connect Sessn Mgmt

Session 2

A: PDE- Why would anyone adopt?

B: Fix Session Mgmt Jacking

D: UMA 201 Q and A

E: Enterprise OAuth BOF

F: OAuth2 Exts.

G: Poor Man Verified ID

H: Int'l Presence of OpenID

I: OAuth for Installed Apps

Session 3


E: OAuth2 for Devices

G: Building a CAKE Detector

H: Shifting Global Economy w-Identity

I: OpenID ABC Artifact Binding

Session 4

A: Personal Data Ecosystem Biz Models

C: Using a Personal Data Store

E: JSON Token Spec - Encryption

H: Verified Identity Claims - UX

Session 5

A: Deadly Sins Distributed Authentication

B: Personal Data Ecosystem Model 2

C: Cloud Directory Standards

D: Infrastructure Focus - Relationships Among Things

E: JSON Token Spec - Claim Names


G: What do USERS want?

I: OpenID Attrib - Beyond AX-SREG


Session 1

A: Go To Market - PDE Adoption drives for Personal Data Ecosystem

C: Google Sample OpenID RD and RP Best Practices

E: JSON Spec Work continued

F: User Managed Permission Interface

Session 2

E: Terms of Use Privacy Policy

G: Look Up by Phone Number

I: Kitties are Fluffy

M: Go To Market PDE 2

Session 3

A: PDE - Go to Market and Community Strategy

E: R Button Affordamies

F: Adopting OAuth 2 OpenID Connect

G: Email is not Dead Yet

L: Policy Framework

Session 4

E: Best Ways to Connect People to Content

F: Personal Data Ecosystem Org Role

G: The Transactional Graph

Session 5

C: Google Usability

F: Personal Data Ecosystem Org Role