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Session 1

C: Designing Faceted ID System

D: Nascar for Sharing and Personal Service Distovery

E: Using DNS + ENUM

F: Getting Started in Internet Identity

G: Can the Open Pile Become Beautiful Again

H: Small Business Software on the Open Web

I: OAuth 2.0 WTF

O: Online Voter ID How do we do that?

Session 2

A: Mozilla Proposes

C: Digital Heritage

D: Recovering a Lost Identity

E: Voluntary Oblivious Compliance

F: P2P Network Version Vega

G: A New Liberty? to prevent single vendor dominance

I: OpenID Connect WTF

Session 3

A: Magic Signatures and Salmon

B: Cet Competing e-ID providers creating a Market

C: OneSocialWeb XMPP & Social Web

D: What do regular web devs need to know about ID

E: User Managed Access - UMA (protocol)

F: Permission vs Consent

G: eCitizen OpenID National Architecture

I: OpenID Connect: Under the Hood

Session 4

B: Trying to use PubSubHubbub

C: Privacy Enhancing Approach

D: Contextual Identity

E: Identity Lifecycle

F: Verified Attribute Schema

O: Personal Data Stores

Session 5

D: Voice Biometrics

E: VRM Parts & Whole

F: Linking Data Across Social Networks APIs

G: Six Degrees of Sharing

I: OAuth 2

K: ORCID Open Research Contributor ID


Session 1

C: Strong Auth and OpenID getting Comfie

D: Information Cards and Gov Cards

E: De-Confusion Big Picture

F: Open Geneology

G: XRD Provisioning

H: Building MITER ID

I: OAuth 2.0 and SASL

Session 2

A: Info Grid Graphic Database

B: Legal Issues Underpinning of UMA ("UMA and the law")

E: Contacts in the Browser

F: Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS OpenID

G: Identity Business Models

H: Patents, People Development Pools

I: Enterprise Signing in OAuth

Session 3

A: Simple Reputation Feed

C: Lawyers and Accountants

D: The Right Question Making Privacy Policies User-Centric vs. Data Centric


F: UX w/no logout...single sign out

G: URL-Sharing Using the OExchange Protocol Stack

L: Secure Web Auth

O: The Case for and Design of KRL

Session 4

A: Research Report on Info Sharing

B: OAuth 2 for Native Apps

C: User Managed Access (Claims 2.0)

E: Client Side OptIN Cross Site Data Sharing

F: Telco vs. The NET

G: Web Biz Card

H: SAML Profiles for OAuth

I: Separating: ID, Credential, and Attribute Management

J: Story Cubing and Synergies

O: OpenID-Artifact Binding

Session 5

A: Biz Model on Distributed Social Web

C: Directory Federation

D: Honey Roasted Death Camp Salad

E: OpenIDvNext Discovery

G: Implications of User Owned Controlled Data as Official Government Policy

I: Google as an OpenID RP


Session 1

A: Personal Data Store Ecosystem Design

E: (In)Coherent Web (in)security Policy Framework

F: Bootstrapping OAuth 2.0 Ecosystems

Session 2

C: OAuth Provisioning continued

E: Stateless Distributed Membership an Inquiry

F: Emancipay VRM and CRM

G: Breaking up with Atom Activity Streams

Session 3


B: Certifying Open ID, IdPs, RP


E: Catalyst Interop Planning

I: PCITF: Payment Card Industry Trust Framework

Session 4

A: 7 Deadly Sins of Distributed Authentication

C: Afgan Anarchy

G: Telco/Web/Data Meta Story

Session 5

A: XDI and RDF Graph Model

F: Telco-Web-Data User Model Scenarios

H: IIW What's Next?

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