Logging on to Windows 8 With Your Live ID (2D)

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Session Topic: Session Logging on to Windows 8 with Live ID (T2D)

Convener: Vicki Milton, Dave Hebert

Notes-taker(s): Dave Hebert

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At Microsoft’s BUILD conference a few weeks ago, the company announced that Windows 8 will have the ability to log a user on to Windows with a Windows Live ID.

Showed a quick demo of Windows 8 based on the BUILD conference “Developer Preview”. The focus was on setting up and using user accounts on a Windows 8 PC.

· Logging onto Windows as before with domain-joined accounts

· Switching to another Windows account that uses a Windows LiveID (non-domain-joined). A consumer email account string can be used for logging into Windows account.

     o This can be what Microsoft has called in the past an EASI ID, meaning you can use email accounts strings that are not “.live.com” or “hotmail.com”. Account string is added as an ID in the LiveID system.

     o Account credentials are not Open IDs.

· Identity is used to sync a range of settings (PC personalization, language, apps settings, app state [not app data], web account credentials and a range of device settings). These can roam across established trusted devices.

· Credentials associated with online accounts are encrypted and stored safely.

· Trusted Devices are devices the end user designates as such

For more information, look at the Windows 8 developer blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2011/09/26/signing-in-to-windows-8-with-a-windows-live-id.aspx