Kitties are Fluffy

From IIW

Issue/Topic: Kitties are Fluffy

Session: Thursday 2I

Conference: IIW-11 November 2-4, Mountain View, Complete Notes Page

Convener: Justin R.

Notes-taker(s): Sean Cashin


Discussion notes:

How to deal with employees mistakenly saying personal things in the company light.

OpenID and "Handshake" available to employees.

Employee takes company OpenID and says Kitties are fluffy on Blog. Does that mean company now supports kitties being fluffy?

Legal, Policy, sociology what is the issue here?

Passive disseminating of information in Social Networks can be interpreted poorly by companies.

Social Media so new, so have to trust people and accept that mistakes are made. Company now just makes sure they cover themselves.

Don't restrict peoples speech, according to one companies legal department. You don't want to go there.

Monitoring tools are important. Can't blindly trust.

Want to make sure employees have access to the data they need to be productive, but you also can't be so open that your data is out.

Disclaimers are normal company policy. Bringing some idea of official company accounts to services to provide automated disclaimers. Allows people to give company approved statements.

Reputation with your online identity is a determining factor of how people interpret things you say in the public forum.

It all comes down to trust of employees. You can't have policies for every condition.

You don't have to be around a journalist to be on the record anymore. With social media everyone has their soapbox.

Benefit in enterprise with OpenID is that when someone does something wrong the company knows exactly who to tell. They can do company reprimand, reminder, etc.