Kantara Initiative

From IIW

Conference IIW8 Room/Time: 7/G

Convener: Brett McDowell

Notes-taker: Kaliya Hamlin


  • Judith Bush OCLC
  • Lucy Lynch ISOC
  • Siddleath B. Verisign
  • Bill Smith SUN
  • Daniela Barosa DataPortability Project - DowJones
  • Mark Lizar MyDex VIP-sig
  • Dave Crocker Brandenburg
  • Kaliya Hamlin - Identity Commons
  • Bill Washburn - XDI.org/OpenID

Technology Discussed/Considered: Kantara, Industry Consortia

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Brett explains what Kantara Initiative he mostly wanted to be here to answer the question

  • New Organization - formed by some in the ID Space - DPP, XDI.org, Liberty Alliance, Information Card Foundation
  • wanted a governance structure that integrated intellectual property governance
  • clear way to participate and have votes
  • for work that is deemed important

Membership - website with proposed charters

  • Two kinds of groups working groups, discussion groups (discussion groups likely precursor to working groups)

Trustees have fiduciary responsibility

  • Leadership council
  • Membership structure

People joining agree to intellectual property agreement of work. The membership funds things and has a final ballot on recommendations.

  • Requires specs to got to standards bodies.
  • The initiative is open and inclusive - not vendor driven.
  • SAML -> enterprise
  • OpenID -> social web


  • ID Assurance
  • Telecommunications
  • VPI - Policy
  • VPI - Technology
  • Wakame "hello"
  • ID-WSF & Open Liberty
  • Privacy and Public Policy
  • Concordia x-protocol usecases
  • Multi-protocol ID selector
  • eGov
  • Healthcare
  • WAF
  • IDWSF -> OAuth

Branding Beyond ->Technology

  • Response to call for participation
  • anything like this has to prove itself

Bill - what would constitute critical mass

  • Solve cross protocol issues - "do so in an organized manner"
  • for a large number of entities that want to participate in
  • can go on list as individuals

If SUN is a member then SUN's IP is committed

Iain - qualitative and quantitative research properly done

Vendor Driven?

  • as a vendor I don't want a place without deployers loose interested not their business

Kaliya - expressed concern re funding model with the potential for large fights about budget allocation

It is a place for pre and post standards work not just vendor centric end user can come and participate without paying money "get all of the protocols more useful"

Non-technical buckets related to community building

  • Privacy
  • Assurance - ID Assurance Framework
  • Liability - American Bar Association, Collaboration
  • Usability - no proposed projects - yet
    • Security elements
    • Privacy Policy Icon Work (easy to use/control spectrum or matrix) user options beyond yes/no.