Intuition Part II

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Intuition (Part 2)

Thursday 2K

Convener: Sharon Franquemont

Notes-taker(s): Sharon Franquemont

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Intuition: Definition, Intueri Latin for to know all at once. Discussion 1.

  • Use of intuition as a noun or thing to know, almost no use of the active verb intuit, so intuition becomes a thing to know rather than an action to live.
  • Intuition, adding a field identity to an ego identity (the wIe…the I ad a simultaneous we)

Discussion 2. Review: Patanjali’s question thousands of years ago: How does anyone know anything? His answer: 4 Stages of Knowing.

  1. Physical knowledge: (Data)
  2. Associative knowledge (Information—relational)
  3. Meaning knowledge: intention and purpose
  4. Unity knowledge, oneness between knower and know

Discussion 3. Practices to enhance intuition

  • Review Western views of how wisdom arises.
  • Greek: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, male and intellect
  • Roman: Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, female and silence.
  • Practice: practice silence
  • See body as an information field. What impact does the body as information filed have on identity?

Discussion 4. Intuitive Skills or Awareness Levels (first 3 levels familiar)

  1. Instinct (Body based)
  2. Psychic and/or Psi Skills (Emotion based)
  3. Great Ah Ha! (Creativity based)
  4. System (Pattern based)
  5. Visionary (Future informed based)
  6. Collaborative (Team or group based, local or non-local)
  7. Unitary (Oneness with knowledge)

Discussion 5. Time Flexibility, Response Bias, IONS Research on future’s influence on presence. PLAY with…

  1. Molasses Time….experience slow motion time
  2. Future….Circle and the Dot