Information Sharing

From IIW

Convener: Joe Andrieu

Notes-taker: Joe Andrieu

Discussion notes:

AGENDA/OUTLINE 1) Information Sharing

a) Work coming out of the Project VRM Standards Committee

b) User Driven & Volunteered Personal Information

2) Kantara Initiative

a) Customer-Supplier Engagement Model

i) Building on Iain's 10 steps in the customer relationship


b) Information Sharing Agreement

i) Standard Agreement for the use of information shared by the individual

ii) Current work (and its introduction)

iii) Bi-weekly call to continue that work (internally)

iv) Once we have a stable version, reach out to other groups

(1) legal review

(2) start with internal Kantara briefings & conversation basis

(4) publish work group report

(5) open to public commentary

(6) finalize draft

(7) legal review

(8) present for Kantara publication

c) Consumer Research

i) Consumer Barriers to VRM adoption

ii) Literature Review

(1) Underway

(2) Half funded by Kantara, Half by ISOC

iii) Proposal for ~$200,000-$350,000 conjoint analysis study

d) White Paper

Notes from meeting

Kantara helping to establish framework for VRM



Discussed auto industry vrm scenario

Discussed frameworks, related projects (CMI)

Recognized significant paradigm shifts for customers and enterprises

Data flow exists between search & targetting

How do I manage the incoming data?

Old school

Awareness, attitudes, usage pattern

create awareness:

change attitudes

generate usage

new school:




watson & brohman/

Data completeness (ACM has a recent article. 2001 is first article)

CMI (customer managed interactions)

gaps within companies, between companies & industry, between customers & companies

six or seven papers in this field

should it all just be free but information has asset value

Right Side Up