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Complete Book of Proceedings from IIW-Europe in PDF

Session 1

1A: What is the MYDEX Prototype?

1B: Federated Network Access

1C: Partial Identities Privacy and Credentials

1D: Privacy and Federated Social Networking w/o Correlation

1E: OpenID Tiered Providers

1F: Federated Identity as a Business Model

Session 2

2A: Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community

2C: WebID and DNSSEC - combined session

2D: U-Prove - How Do We Use Privacy Enhancing Crypto?

Session 3

3A: What Do We Actually Mean When We Talk About Identity?

3B: The Quality of Customer Intelligence (Authenticity/Relevance Correlation)

3C: Personal Data Store Harmonizing = Project Nori DEMO

3D: Claims

3E: Authent-New Tools - Opportunities - Business

3F: Remonetizing the Web: from 'Give privacy, get service' to: A win-win social web ecosystem for customers, Telcos, Banks, Websites

3G: Identity Assurance (merges with) Automated Policy Negotiation

Session 4

4A: CardSpace in the Clouds

4B: Introduction to Digital Death - What Happens to Internet Identity After Death?

4C: One Social Web . org

4D: Why do Politicians Understand So Little? Our Fault or Theirs?

4E: How Do You (we) Manage Heterogeneous Groups?

4F: Issues About Profiling and Cross-Border Data Stores

4G: OpenID the Nascar Problem Revisited

Session 5

5A: UK Gov. - They Want To Talk Identity. How Do We Help?

5B: Embedding Privacy Controls in OnLine Identity Mechanism: How and Why?

5C: Privacy Dashboard Demo

5D: Financial Services - distance selling, money laundering, "Know Your Customer"

5E: Personal Data Ecosystem.org