Identity Futures

From IIW
  • Convened:Kaliya Hamlin, John Kelly, Jeff Stollman,
  • Attendees:Tom Brown,Jeff Stollman,
  • Interested (wasn't in session): Nicholas

What is Future Mapping?

  • strategically incomplete stories of the future
  • engagement around these stories

The goal is to make future possibilities more real.

News Stories are developed Engage with people around these stories

  • How did it happen?
  • why was it good?

Peeling back the stories to root causes. Clusters of Driving forces.

Scenarios are built and then advocated for

These help outline a landscape of possibilities that gives a shared way to talk about the future

This process is "Live Wear" 35 people are gathered that represent a cross section.

Changing Understanding and views of the future.

Some background in the late 90's there was 6 firms that did scenario planning - with the dot com bust all of them folded except GBN that was acquired by Monitor Group/Shell Oil. The big customers government agencies like the NSA.

We talked about Ipseity - the core identity - the individual point of coordination.

We believe in the concept of scenario planning but the question around what the commercial relevance is.

Here is a link to the Scenario Planning Proposal that was the basis of the conversation