Identity Across Asia Proposed Topics

From IIW

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Proposed Topics by those who have registered ~

What topics are you thinking about presenting about and discussing at this event?

  • TrustedWeb Promotion council in Japan- how can the arcitecture be interoperable with other parts of the world?
  • LD-based verifiable credentials with selective disclosure, unlinkability, and range proofs
  • Examples of SSI Use-cases in Thailand.
  • DCDR Framework
  • SSI harms
  • The Economic Model of Decentralised Trust - aka How to make and save money with decentralised trust models.

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at this event?

  • Concrete business use cases driven by decentralized identity and self-sovereign identity technology
  • How VC/DID is being employed in Asian Countries, and what advantages are there?
  • Cross-Regional use-cases
  • Credential formats
  • Tech stack, community actors and their work
  • Others work in the region and network
  • About the current status of FIDO Passkey and caBLE specifications. About the interoperability status of the specifications of each organization regarding SSI. About cyber security attacks related to currently popular specifications such as OAuth.

What are the critical questions about Internet Identity Across Asia you are hoping to discuss with peers at this event?

  • Is Asia ready for SSI?
  • Implementing identity in the stack by design.
  • What does identity mean to stakeholders in Asia? What does identity look like in the digital age for people?