I o T = Identity of Things

From IIW

Session Topic: IoT: Internet of Things Unintended & Unexpected Consequences

Tuesday 2F

Convener: Jeff Stollman

Notes-taker: Dave Sanford

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Presentation here: http://www.secureidentityconsulting.com/unanticipated-consequences-in-the-internet-of-things-iot/

Presentation by Jeff, IoT components:

  • 1) sensors
  • 2) processors
  • 3) actuators
  • 4) combinations of above

Lots of use cases described, with associated abuse cases

Starting to include Scada

Includes home appliances, Nest,

Irrigation and flood control

Limited ensuring data integrity - not always clear whose responsibility.

Dave Sanford - for any new use case, one or more new abuse cases.

Lots of discussion about gaming systems (e.g. fitbit users sending apparent physical exercise to health insurance company)

Who owns the data you collect?

Phil Windley - power of distributed systems to create robustness in book 'Honeybee Democracy' bee swarming and finding a new place - may be somewhat like 'unit of work' in bit coin.

Who is controlling your vehicle? Phil - V2V (vehicle to vehicle), collision avoidance systems for cars, may allow governmental entities (or hackers) to shutdown multiple cars at the same time.

Lots of discussion about security and usability.

Smart packaging - tell you what drugs to take.

Physical security devices - home surveillance cameras

Electric grid - security and liability

So issues raised include security, privacy, ownership and liability

Blue boxes that tell lights that emergency vehicle is coming through. Originally easy to clone and use.

Lots of talk about Arduino and approaches for IoT design.

Jeff will also send slides