IIW Satellite DC Notes

From IIW

Session 1

A: What's Going On With NSTIC? Pilots! Steering Groups! - (1A)

A2: OIX Update (1A2)

F2: Open ID Connect – the History and Practice (1F2)

G1: How Private Is It? Privacy Metrics and Preservation Techniques (1G1)

G2: Personal.com Demo (1G2)

Session 2

A: What Would a Great NSTIC Pilot Look Like? (2A)

F2: Personal Data Services (2F2)

G1: Gov Use of OAUTH2, OPEN ID Connect, UMA? (2G1)

G2: Attribute Management (2G2)

Session 3

A: FICAM Profile, OAUTH2 and 800-63?? (3A)

F1: ABA IDM Work Group “Redefining Terms” (3F1)

F2: Why A Super Voter ID? Architecture *Certified Constituent (3F2)

G1: Constant Use Of Attribute Sharing UI (3G1)

G2: SCIM Who's Doing What? Standard for Managing Users & Groups (3G2)

H: Level 3 and 4 Credentials in the Exosystem (3H)

Session 4

A: Why You Should Care About OAUTH2 (4A)

F1: Impact of Consumer Permission on Data Use Compliance Laws (4F1)

F2: Making OAUTH Scopes Interoperable With UMA (4F2)

G2: Limited Liability Persona.... Can This Leagal Innovation Address Issues of “Psuedonimity” for Trust & Transactions? (4G2)

H: Why You Should Care About OAUTH 2 (4H)

Session 5

A: Eat My Attributes (5A)

F1: Use Case for OAUTH 2 & Structured Takens (5F1)

F2: Why A Super Voter ID? Architecture *Certified Constituent (5F2)

G1: Global Attribute Trust Level – Standardization (for RP's) (5G1)

G2: Common/Open (NPO) Solution For – The Person in the “Personal Identity Movement” (5G2)

H: Why Super Voter ID (5H)