IIW 35 Speed Demo Hour

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IIW 35 Speed Demo Hour / Wednesday November 16 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/


1. GoDiddy.com - Universal DID Services: Markus Sabadello - Danube Tech URLs: https://godiddy.com/ GoDiddy.com is a hosted platform that makes it easy for SSI developers and solution providers to work with DIDs. It is based on open-source projects Universal Resolver and Universal Registrar.

2. RootsId: The RootsId team( Rodolfo Miranda, Lance Wallace, Esteban Garcia and Alex Andrei) URL: https://www.rootsid.com We will show the 2 Roots ID wallets that communicates with a mediator using DIDCOMM v2 protocols to send messages, issue and validate credentials. Looking forward to meeting everyone! We are currently working on the wallet https://github.com/roots-id/rootswallet here.

3. Gluu: Agama Developer Studio: Michael Schwartz URL: https://docs.jans.io/head/admin/developer/agama/ Agama is a programming language for web flows. With the Jans Auth Server, you can use Agama to define all sorts of interesting flows, e.g. registration, adaptive authentication, identity proofing. Available for free at the Linux Foundation Janssen Project: https://jans.io

4. Mee Agent: Paul Trevithick URL: https://meeproject.org Mee is a nonprofit, open-source project developing a free, personal software agent that represents you and your interests online. When it shares your data with service provider’s apps and sites, it does so under the terms of a privacy-enhancing Human Information License. We’ll demo a prototype of this agent running on iOS. We’ll show how it can create a digital connection (beyond mere signin/signup) with a Mee-compatible website from a cold start (i.e. when the user has no agent installed).

5. adnovum.com Aries 2.0 Android Wallet Prototype: Michel Sahli URL: https://www.adnovum.com/blog/this-is-my-qr-code-how-ssi-could-revolutionize-real-world-identification Presentation of an Aries 2.0 Android wallet prototype, which was developed during my master thesis to analyze the current issues with the verification of digital identities in the physical world and how we could enhance it using Aries 2.0. adnovum.com

6. Spherity – CARO B2B Platform: Lauritz Leifermann, Dennis von der Bey, Philipp Bolte URL: https://www.caro.vc CARO is a B2B platform for the US pharma market to get DSCSA-compliant by connecting SSI-technologies with already established systems. We will be presenting an actual real-world SSI product, our learnings, open-source contributions, and the technologies we had to invent on the road to production. This includes a novel revocation method and an industry-backed trusted issuer list.

7. Dazzle /Dazzle Labs and Dazzle DAO: Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp URL: https://dazzle.town/ What if you had all your personal data in a single place that you control? All your posts from Facebook, your orders from Amazon, maybe even your Tweets! And that no unaccountable vendor has ultimate control over?

8. Update on Blinky Project (Explorations with I.o.T):Brent Shambaugh URL: https://github.com/bshambaugh/BlinkyProject/ Description: Explorations with an ESP32 with a Cryptographic Co-Processor for Providing a Signer for the Ceramic Network and Possible Future Directions.

9. TAG LLC presenting Digital System Design (Dry Systems) & Naturally forming Systems (Wet Systems), an exercise in evaluating differences between human realms of presence in both environments: Jeff Orgel NO URL: The materials will be displayed at the table as this is not public yet. The human animal is built to exist in a set of limited environments which are naturally formed. The Digital Realm is completely structured/unnatural in every respect. We will be showing examples of Dry System (software) impacts on Wet environments (people & societies).

10. Digital Identity (ADI) Association - Commercial implementation of spec - DTX® Identity Cloud: Jason Burnett - Digital Trust Networks URL: https://adiassociation.org/technology/ The DTX® Identity Cloud demo will show managing employees of an external workforce, using the ADI Association's ADIA identity specification. DTX® is the first implementation of the open specification developed by the ADI Association.

11. esatus AG and Lindner Group: Sebastian Weidenbach, Franziska Meilhammer (supported by Andre Kudra) URL: https://ingo-id.com/ https://esatus.com/index.html%3Fp=8009&lang=en.html We demonstrate Lindner’s “inGo” with which verifiable credentials are used in production for compliant physical access to construction sites. Credentials remove paperwork from this harsh environment and ensure only eligible persons are on-site. inGo is enabled by esatus’ SOWL.

12. GLEIF (gleif.org): Phil Feairheller and Kevin Griffin URL: https://www.gleif.org/en/about/governance/annual-report With 2021 inline XBRL publication of it’s annual report, GLEIF demonstrates the first use of a verifiable Legal Entity Identifier (vLEI) to sign an annual report. This pioneering use of the vLEI in GLEIF’s annual report demonstrates the true potential of the cryptographically verifiable credential to create trust in digital transactions and to offer flexibility to accommodate official signing requirements. It does this by showcasing how multiple vLEI digital signatures can provide cryptographic assurance of the contents of the annual report. GLEIF’s annual report illustrates that vLEIs can be used to sign specific sections, or even facts, within a report or data set as well as for signing reports in their entirety.

13. Center Identity / Location-based key recovery: Matthew Vogel URL: https://centeridentity.com Current methods for key recovery are difficult, but we will demonstrate how easily a private key can be recovered with the visual memory of an end user. This makes user-centric identity feasible as passwords become obsolete in light of our new approach to securing digital assets!

14. Microsoft, Ping Identity, Workday, IBM, Avast, SpruceID: Kristina Yasuda, Jennifer Schreiber, Andrew Hughes, Oliver Terbu URL: https://identity.foundation/jwt-vc-presentation-profile/ Interoperable presentation of Verifiable Credentials between Wallets and Verifier built by different providers.

15. Identity.com: Martin Riedel, Andrew Bertin URL: https://www.identity.com/ We demonstrate one of our SSI technology stacks on the Solana Blockchain, consisting of did:sol as a DID method, Cryptid as a on-chain wallet abstraction using did:sol, and the Gateway Protocol that defines a governance framework around issuing pseudonymous tokens associated with a previous (off-chain) verification.

16. Open Source Governance Editor: Mike Ebert URL: https://indicio.tech/governance-editor (in case you follow this and find it broken, this is a placeholder and we will have a page up shortly) Indicio has been working with the DIF to create a specification for trust lists and machine readable, decentralized ecosystem governance. We've created a governance file editor and governance interpreting code to show a sample implementation of the spec.

17. The Abacus Authorization Engine: Jacob Seibach URL: To learn more about The Abacus, please read the Master's Thesis onthe subject: https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/etd/9221/ The Abacus Authorization Engine will be demonstrated to show various policies, the simplicity of invoking the engine, and the efficiency of the system. It will also show the simplicity of allowing the business owners to set policies for their domains.

18. Veramo - an open-source framework for Decentralized Identities & Verifiable credentials: Consensys Mesh Identity Team (Research & Development Unit) Simonas Karužas, Nick Reynolds Italo Borssatto URL: https://veramo.io/ In decentralized identity solutions, we need to prioritize interoperability and cross-platform support in order to serve the widest possible audience. Meeting these requirements can be costly. Veramo is an agnostic, modular solution that will surely save your team a lot of time.

19. Bundesdruckerei GmbH , Remote Wallet Attestation for mobile SSI Wallet Security: Paul Bastian URL: https://nextcloud.idunion.org/s/3zaz93rf3qtqJK3 The Demo shows an early version of a remote wallet attestation service that offers an issuer validated information about the wallet authenticity and hardware-backed keys. In the demo we show the Lissi Wallet contacting the Bundsedruckerei Attestation Service, that issues the wallet attestation as a VC.

20. Trinsic /OkeyDoke.io -Issuing, viewing and verifying a credential in a familiar e-commerce interface:Tomislav Markovski, Hersh Patel, JP George URL: https://dashboard.trinsic.id/ OkeyDoke.io is an ecommerce store that wants to offer discounts to artichoke farmers who have been certified by a trusted licensing entity. Come and see how the farmer interacts with a chat bot to apply for a licensing credential which is then issued to a cloud wallet tied to their email to show a discount on the artichoke seeds to the farmer