IIW 34 Speed Demo Hour

From IIW

IIW 35 Speed Demo Hour / Wednesday November 16 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/


1. GoDiddy.com - Universal DID Services: Markus Sabadello - Danube Tech URLs: https://godiddy.com/ GoDiddy.com is a hosted platform that makes it easy for SSI developers and solution providers to work with DIDs. It is based on open-source projects Universal Resolver and Universal Registrar.

2. UBOS Mesh - what if you had all your personal data in a single place that you control?: Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp URL: https://indiecomputing.com/products/ Sometimes it seems that everybody has our data, except for us! (That’s because it’s true!) But under recent privacy legislation, we have the right to get everything they have about us, too. UBOS Mesh takes that data, parses it, and integrates it into a single MeshBase from where you can browse, search, and build bots and applications on it. What could you do with that in your own life? What could you do in the life of your customers?

3. Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) The Keep - KERI and ACDC Powered Enterprise Agent and Wallet for the vLEI Ecosystem:Kevin Griffin & Phil Feairheller URLS: https://github.com/WebOfTrust/keri, https://github.com/WebOfTrust/keripy, https://github.com/WebOfTrust/keep The Keep is an Electron desktop application with a task based user interface and embedded cloud agent and wallet deployed with tasks for all participants in the vLEI ecosystem for creating identifiers, making connections and issuing, holding and verifying vLEI credentials.

4. HTTP Signatures and GNAP Interoperability Testing: Justin Richer URL: https://httpsig.org/ https://gnap-c.herokuapp.com/ HTTP Message Signatures and the Grant Negotiation and Authorization Protocol (GNAP) are two new security efforts currently being worked on in the IETF to provide practical and functional security improvements on systems. We’ll be demonstrating the playground for HTTP Message Signatures, where you can sign and verify arbitrary HTTP messages, as well as the XYZ implementation of GNAP, available as a hosted service for interoperability testing.

5. Pravici PocketCred: Mahesh Balan URL: https://www.pocketcred.com/ Pravici PocketCred is a platform that allows for easy creation, issuance and verification of Verifiable Credentials. These credentials can be used in multiple contexts such as education transcripts, health records (such as proof of vaccinations). Pravici PocketCred is integrated with Salesforce HealthCloud.

6. BOTLabs GmbH presenting DIDSign: Antonio Antonino, blockchain engineer, antonio@kilt.io URL: DIDsign available at https://didsign.io/. https://medium.com/kilt-protocol/announcing-didsign-a-new-application-built-on-kilt-e4896ffffb44. DIDsign provides a browser-based digital signature suite for any digital files-PDFs, audio, video, software, etc., using Decentralised Identifiers. The resulting signature can be downloaded and shared with interested parties.

7. Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) Proof of Concept: Torsten Lodderstedt/ Daniel Fett URL: https://openid.net/gainpoc/ The GAIN PoC is pulling together a test bed where key technical hypotheses of GAIN can be tested over the course of 2022. We will show that relying parties can obtain assured identity claims from identity information providers from different jurisdictions (SE, IT, DE) and built based on different architectural approaches (central, distributed, SSI) via the same interoperable interface.

8. NFID Internet Identity Labs: Dan Ostrovsky URL: https://NFID.one NFID is a single sign-on protocol designed to guarantee anonymity across the accounts created with it, and secures the identity holder against all impersonation attempts

9. humanID Anonymous SSO Solution: Tim Hradil URL: human-id.org, https://web-login.human-id.org/demo/ humanID has developed a one-click, anonymous authentication solution that provides a safer online experience through the guarantee of user privacy and the prevention of bot, duplicate, and spam accounts.

10. TrustSphere - A Clinical and Research Application of User Managed Access: Alec Laws URL: https://www.bcchr.ca/TrustSphere TrustSphere is a consortium project between four Canadian companies. We will demonstrate a childhood Type-1 diabetes management platform, including shared control of a health record, an ethical digital consent process, and data sharing with researchers.

11. Mysilio Garden: Ian Davis URL: https://mysilio.com/ Mysilio Garden is a Bi-directionally linked headless CMS that uses personal datastores, decentralized identity, and Web Monetization to support creating, publishing, and monetizing Digital Gardens easily.

12. TheDew - The Planet Earth Society: Blaine Garst URL: https://fosdem.org/2022/schedule/event/bgarst/ We solve Identity out of the gate on a new decentralized software platform called TheDew (in Alpha). Coded in a multicore Actor typesafe language with no strings, loops, or locks, it offers a Xanadu-esque collaboration sharing at its core. Coders own their code, always.

13. The DID Directory: Joe Andrieu URL: http://diddirectory.com The DID Directory is the easiest way to search, review, and learn about existing DID Methods. It combines the DID Methods registered in the W3C DID Spec Registries with simple landing pages, directly under control of the same party that controls the W3C Spec Registry Entry.

14. cheqd: Ankur Banerjee, CTO/co-founder at cheqd URL: not live yet, will be closer to the date / Check out issuance and holding of verifiable credentials on cheqd’s DID network, combined with decentralized public-permissionless governance

15. Hello: Dick Hardt URL: https://hello.coop & https://hello.dev Hellō gives users control over their identity and choice of providers, while simplifying user registration and login for app developers, providing all the choices users may want in hours instead of days or weeks. Hellō is an OpenID Connect provider that operates between developers and existing IdPs.

16. Interoperable presentation of VCs between Ping Identity, Microsoft and Workday: Gabriel Bauman, Jeremie Miller, Daniel McGrogan, Kristina Yasuda URL: coming soon Come and see how users can choose wallets provided by Microsoft or Workday to present Verifiable Credentials to a verifier provided by Ping Identity, Microsoft or Workday!

17. Indicio – Cardea: Mike Ebert URL: https://cardea.app/ Cardea uses verifiable credentials and machine-readable governance to offer health and travel workflows. Come and see a demo based on SITA's trial in Aruba and the Cardea open-source code base. Digital COVID-19 test results are vital for safe global air travel.

18. Worldcoin: “W” URL: https://worldcoin.org/ Worldcoin Proof of Personhood SDK

19. Umazi: Cindy van Niekerk URL: umazi.io Umazi is an enterprise digital identity platform enabling all businesses to share verified corporate identity data securely using self-sovereign identity (SSI) technology.