IIW 33 Demo Hour

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IIW 33 Demo Hour / Tuesday OCT 12th 2:30PM - 3:30PM PDT & Wednesday OCT 13 9:00AM - 10:00AM PDT

Day 1 Brought to Us by Stacks Foundation https://stacks.org/ and Day 2 Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/

TABLE/Virtual Space # in Qiqo

Space # 1. Tru Social Inc. beta App: Jim Fournier URL: https://www.tru.net/how-it-works Tru provides verified social publishing built on JLINC. In beta, it connects networks of organizations and groups to people to help build effective movements.

Space # 2. Spruce Systems - Walkthrough of the first Rebase Protocol Juan Caballero/Gregory Rocco (depending on time slot) URL: https://tzprofiles.com We will be doing a quick live demo of our first live implementation of our Rebase Protocol, the lightweight Tezos Profiles dApp, and answer technical, UX, and standards/adoption questions about the underlying open-source codebase and how it could be adopted to other contexts.

Space # 3. Fyself: Lianet Peña, Betty Franco URL: https://fyself.com/ FySelf is the tool created to perform all kinds of online procedures from the digital identity. You can identify yourself, complete a form, take a survey or a smart contract, in which you can provide access to the part of your data that is necessary. It operates in the style of a social network, in which you achieve a digital reputation.

Space # 4. HearRo Identity Based Communication (IDC): Vic Cooper URL: https://www.hearro.com The need for organizations to easily connect with their customers/citizens in highly personalized yet secure and efficient ways has never been greater or more urgent. See how HearRo uses SSI and DID Comm to enable secure “1-click” communications between People, Organizations and Things.

Space #5. godiddy.com - Universal DID Services: Markus Sabadello - Danube Tech URLs: https://godiddy.com/ godiddy.com is a hosted platform that makes it easy for SSI developers and solution providers to work with DIDs. It is based on open-source projects Universal Resolver and Universal Registrar.

Space #6. Aries Jupyter Playground: Will Abramson URL: https://github.com/wip-abramson/aries-jupyter-playground An open-source Jupyter notebook based playground for education and experimentation with verifiable information exchange flows facilitated by ACA-Py. More Info: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2665963821000385

Space #7. TNO — “eassi” an SSI Gateway & Credential Catalog: Peter Langenkamp URL: https://eassi.ssi-lab.nl/ Day 1: “eassi” an SSI Gateway This service facilitates the adoption of SSI by providing an easy to use API, that allows credential issuing and/or verifying organization to integrate multiple SSI wallets—that may be based on different underlying technologies—with a single interface, taking inspiration from the payment service provider model for online payments. Day 2: Credential Catalog A catalog of offered SSI credentials types, helping verifiers find what accredited data exists so they can use it in their business processes. This encompasses not only technical information on attributes and protocols, but importantly also business-level information for decision makers, like assurances.

Space #8. SecureKey Technologies - TrustBloc Overview - Open Source platform to build Digital Identity solutions: Rolson Quadras, Mike Varley, Troy Ronda URL: https://securekey.com/services/trustbloc/; https://github.com/trustbloc Build and manage verifiable credential solutions, from identity wallets to trusted ecosystems with the TrustBloc technology platform. Based on W3C standards and interoperable with other existing W3C compliant verifiable credential networks.

Space #9. Evernym's Verity Flow as used in IATA Travel Pass / Lab Pass: Richard Esplin, Director of Product, Evernym URL: https://www.evernym.com/labs/ Digital COVID-19 test results are vital for safe global air travel. Evernym partnered with the International Air Transport Association and labs around the globe to make issuing these records not only easy but also secure, privacy-preserving, and immediately verifiable.

Space #10. Ping Identity - Ping Identity and Personal Identity: David Waite URL: https://www.pingidentity.com/en/solutions/personal-identity.html Learn more about the vision for where Personal Identity fits into a more traditional IAM product line, and the standards focus for collaboration into the broader decentralized identity ecosystem.

Space #11. Trinsic - Trust Registries (Completing the Trust Triangle): Tomislav Markovski URL: https://trinsic.id/ Trinsic allows verifiers to trust not just the verifiable credential, but the issuer. In a permissionless blockchain environment where anyone can issue anything, trust ecosystem providers can close the trust gap through trust registries, domain proofs, and governance-as-code.

Space #12. NEON - NEON ID: Gillian Delaunay (Founder and CEO of NEON) URL: https://www.neonid.com/; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcxjnoGuXB8 NEON is a new Internet experience built intentionally for the Identity Ownership Economy. Your NEON ID is home for your online identity where you customize an avatar with your own personality, regain your Internet privacy, and profit directly from advertisers trying to reach you.

Space #13. Dock.io - Anonymous credentials library: Lovesh Harchandani URL: https://github.com/docknetwork/crypto The library is written in Rust and we show its usage in JS through WASM bindings. We will show its usage with bilinear map accumulator and composite proofs.

Space #14. VC Schema Generator & Manager: Kamal Laungani URL: https://ui.schema.affinidi.com. Creating new VC schemas are hard, usually take a long time, and non-technical people can't do it. Affinidi's Schema Manager gives you the ability to create, host, and manage new VC schemas within 2 mins, they're ready to use in your applications right away.