IIW 31 Session Notes

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Tuesday October 20, 2020

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Session 1

1A/ ToIP and Digital Trust Ecosystems

1B/ 101 Session OAuth2

1D/ Human-Centered Interoperability: Gold Button

1F/ OpenID Connect Credential Provider

1J/ DIDComm Messaging V2 - Where we are and what to expect

1M/ Toward a More Ethical Digital World: How to Think and Talk About Life in the Digital World

Session 2

2A/ Meet the NEW Sovrin Foundation

2B/ 101 Session OpenID Connect

2C/ Rebase: Decentralized Keybase

2D/ Regional Indy Networks - setting up, running, share experience

2E/ KERI for Muggles

2F/ The History of Cryptography

2G/ SSI + Confidential Storage + Tapesstry Credentials for Proof of Occupancy (Encore Wed)

2I/ Active & Passive Identifiers: Elements, objects and characteristics of a decentralized network

2J/ Rolling Back Surveillance Capitalism. Part 1: Describe the future (in detail)

Session 3

3A/ KERI for Mudbloods (Key Event Receipt Infrastructure) This is a more advanced session following KERI for Muggles in Session 2

3B/ 101 Session: UMA User Managed Access

3C/ Build an SSI Proof of Concept (30 minutes or less - code optional)

3D/ Bringing Emerging Privacy-Preserving Technology to a Public Health Crisis - A Case Study of the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative

3E/ Better DID Mehtods with Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs)? - Privacy Preserving, Globally Verfiable DIDs

3F/ Exploring Governance Frameworks - Practical Approaches

3H/ Identity Index: A decentralized protocol for indexing and discovering and a DIDs resources

3J/ PBAC 101: Four Pilars of IAM, History of AuthZ, What IS PBAC

3M/ Cross-platform Rendering and Rich Selection of SSI Credentials

Session 4

4A/ The Past, Present, and Future of Indy Network Monitoring

4B/ 101 Session: SSI and Decentralized Identity

4D/ VC Revocations: On & Off Ledger

4F/ Moving Trusted Data across Untrusted Parties in Global Supply Chains

4G/ Chaining Verfiable Credentials - Completeness Proofs for history and event squences in VCs

4H/ A Regulatory Approach to Digital Identity (US) / A Jawful of the Lawful and the Awful

4J/ Privacy and Identity in mobile Driving License ecosystems

Closing Circle – Open Gifting & Opening for next 5 Sessions

Session 5

5A/ Explore Personal Data Collection - LifeScope Digital Memory (Encore Thurs)

5B/ Minimum Device - iOS, Android, and SIM Card Free participation in modern life

5C/ Intro to VR - How to get into IIW Doctown VR on Altspace

5D/ Enterprise Information System for Peer Production (EISPP) - Animations/Wireframes (2015-pre DID), payments, VRM, LinkedData…

Wednesday October 21, 2020

Session 6

6A/ SSI in Developing Countries: Product & Usability

6B/ Active & Passive Identifiers: Elements, objects and characteristics of a decentralized network (Repeat Session for EU/APAC Attendees)

6E/ Initial Trust

6J/ Rolling Back Surveillance Capitalism: Part 2 -- what are the Obstacles and what Assets can we use?

Session 7

7A/ Beyond Binary - How do we use the Web of Trust and move beyond the green checkbox?

Session 8

8A/ Trusted Digital Assistant - why I don't need to manage my identity

8O/ Brief Introduction to Picos

Session 9

9A/ Birth Attestation = Initial Guardianship

9E/ Secure Scuttlebutt: Peer-to-Peer Social Network

Closing for 5 Sessions that were held & Opening / Agenda Creation for Upcoming Sessions

Session 10

10A/ The Principles of SSI

10C/ Bypassing eSignature Regulations for SSI Adoption

10D/ PBAC 102: Architecting Authorization to Protect Your Data

10E/ Initial Trust in SSI Triangle - Analysing Trust Relationship, Existing and New Mechanisms

10F/ Ideas to Action: BYOB (Bring Your Own Blockers)

10G/ KERI for Wizards

10O/ GS1 Digital Links, DIDs, and VCs…issuing from HTTPS

Session 11

11A/ Service Delivery & Ecosystem Management with Verifiable Credentials (VC)

11C/ Unified Front for SSI/DI Messaging

11D/ After OAuth2: ZCAP or GNAP?

11E/ Components for Aries/Indy Agents

11F/ Dealing with Import/Export Wallets: What About Malicious Wallets?

11G/ Generative Identity - for psychological sociological, and ecological health (aka: the dystopia of SSI)

11H/ Universal Declaration of Digital Identity

11K/ Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA): Global Semantic Harmonzation

11L/ The Thoughtful Biometrics (un)Conference coming in January - Sharing Ideas

11M/ AUTHtung! Can digital identity resist authoritarianism?

Session 12

12A/ KERIfying DID Methods & KERI for Interop

12B/ Current & Future Adoption of Verfiable Credentials - How we get from new tech to ubiquitous adoption.

12C/ SSI and IoT

12D/ Does SSI require DIDs?

12E/ Extending the DID doc with IDX: A better way to mange service endpoints?

12F/ Custodial/Guardianship Agencies - hosting agents on behalf of agentless users

12I/ A Legal Layer for the Internet & IEEE 7012 Machine Readable personal privacy terms

12J/ Rolling Back Surveillance Capitalism: Part 2: What are the Obstacles and what Assets can be use?

12L/ JSON-LD BBS Signatures 101* plus status updates

12O/ Sidetree Updates and did:elem Progress

Session 13

13A/ Defending the Human OS: Augmention vs Displacement

13B/ CanDID: Can-Do Decentralized Identity with Legacy Compatibility, Sybil-Resistance, and Accountability

13C/ Survey of Aries Frameworks PLUS announcing two new mobile native Frameworks

13D/ An SDK approach for Issuing Credentials

13E/ DIDn't: did:un and overlap between DIDs & KERI

13F/ DIF: Presentation Exchange, progress updates!

13G/ The Rising Tide of Deanonymization - The consequences to Self-Sovereign Identities in the context of organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful.

13H/ ToIP Interoperability Profiles (TIPs)

13I/ Decentralized Identity Based Communications - Getting Rid of Phone Numbers

13J/ The Web Platform, Privacy and Federation (thoughts on WebID)

13K/ Online JWT Interactions (QR Codes/Buttons For Claiming and Sharing VCs)

13L/ Notice and Consent Comes of Age

13N/ SSI for COVID-19 - Compared to the altenratives which we want to articulate

Session 14

14A/ Verifiable Trust Bases: How to make the web of trust new again with KERI

14B/ SIOP - progress on the laundry list (wrt DID)

14C/ Guardianship, SSI, and the Sovrin Working Group

14D/ Fusion: Leveraging Federated Identity to Scale Verified Credentials

14E/ Interop between SSI stacks - A proposed handshake protocol

14G/ Amateur Radio and Identity

14H/ The Sovrin Technical Ecosystem

14I/ Is identity only transactional?

14J/ Data Seder: A dinner ritual for our generations

Closing Circle – Open Gifting & Opening for next 5 Sessions

Session 15

15A/ did:web 201 - Risks and Mitigation

Thursday October 22, 2020

Session 16

16A/ Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA): Global semantic harmonization (Repeat session for EU/APAC attendees)

Session 17

17B/ Deep Fakes, Rival Goods and Verifiable Goods

Session 18

18L/ Brief intro to ACA-Pico (starting at 6:00am PST)

Session 19

19A/ 7 Essential Life Credentials for Identity for All

19B/ Identity and VR - Will meet in both Zoom and present in Altspace - send your Altspace ID to Vic to get in to the event. Link to Altspace event https://account.altvr.com/events/1587179898034717357

Closing for 5 Sessions that were held & Opening / Agenda Creation for Upcoming Sessions

Session 20

20A/ DID Document Representations (JSON-LD, JSON, CBOR, ...)

20B/ Dependent Wallet vice Guardianship and Custodial - Alternative Approach?

20C/ Browsers, Privacy and Federation (Cookies, WebID, CHAPI, etc)

20E/ Conversation with the future users of your products or services (Combined with Don't Let 1st level support be the wrecking ball for your customer relationship - How to do it right in an SSI World.

20G/ Me2B+Customer Commons+MyData+other .orgs = how they all cooperate and divide work

20M/ Which came first, the issuer or the verifier? Overcoming the chicken & egg problem for the 3-sided verifiable credentials market

Session 21

21A/ The Real-World Benefits of KERI (muggle-friendly, really!)

21B/ Policy-based Authorization: The Abacus

21D/ DIDComm Mediator Agents (v1 & v2) - Intro and where open source projects are.

21F/ Biometrics and Identity: A preview of the future

21G/ Mobile App Impersonation Attacks & Mediations

21J/ Ideas to Action: Putting Decentralized Identity to Work (Alternate title - Get Over It: What are your barriers to adoption?)

21L/ Secure Data Store Working Group

21M/ EISPP/VRM, Interop., RDF, Category Theory, data migration

Session 22

22A/ The Verifiable Credentials Functional Stack

22B/ Identity Architecures - Developing a methology to evalueate characteristics

22C/ SSI + Confidential Storage + Tapestry Credentials for Proof of Occupancy (reprise)

22D/ UX for SSI - Applying Design Principles to SSI

22E/ Self Sovereign Progressive Web Apps

22F/ KERI Roadmap (and how to contribute)

22G/ Call for Asia Pacific Collaboration in Healthcare, Education and Public Sector Use Applications

22I/ Deep dive in this SSI 1st level support issue - Follow-up from Session 20 slots in Breakout E and J

22J/ did:indy Spec-athon

22K/ not-so-smart wallets

22L/ ACA-Pico make your own Aries Cloud Agent (point & click. no coding!)

22N/ An Open-Source SDK Approach To Build a Mobile Wallet

Session 23

23B/ Burning Man 2020 - When Private Behavior Goes Quite Public

23E/ SSI, Privacy and and the disinformation ecosystem

23F/ Explore Personal Data Collection - LifeScope Digital Memory

23G/ Discovery: Solving the Kobayashi Maru of SSI

23H/ Interoperability Working Group

23I/ Asset ownership transfer using Verifable Credentials

23K/ Paper: Your best friend for SSI adoption

23M/ An Open-Source SDK Approach To Build a Mobile Wallet

Session 24

24A/ Realizations about Diversity, Inclusion, and Our Industry

24B/ Contributing to Hyperledger Identity projects: How to engage and what is missing?

24C/ I like personalized ads: a discussion on how to convince laypeople to care about privacy

24D/ Verifiable Photo and attachments in Aries .. How we approached it

24E/ did:web 201 - Risks & Mitigation

24G/ What are Our Questions?

24H/ Credentials, Connections, and Conversations

24K/ Dynamic Data Economy:The big mountain behind SSI hill

24M/ An Open-Source SDK Approach To Build a Mobile Wallet

Final Closing Circle – Open Gifting