IIW 30 Identity Tech Sandbox Fair

From IIW

Presenting the Identity Tech Sandbox Fair at IIWXXX

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Thursday Morning April 30th 8:00 - 9:00 Pacific Time

This time is for Identity Technology Providers to offer a real hands-on experience with the latest identity tech available to IIW attendees, in one on one and small group interactions. Come and play with IIW tech Thursday morning before and during breakfast (8:00 – 9:00.)

Below are the Technology Providers who will be offering hands-on experience and more!

MySudo by Anonyome Labs: Steve McCown & Jon St. John URL: https://mysudo.com MySudo helps users manage activity-based identities called Sudos, which sandbox online activities using unique contact points (e.g., phone, email). Upcoming Sudo versions will contain Self-Sovereign Identity elements for added security and interoperability with other SSI agents.

UBOSbox: Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp URL: https://indiecomputing.com/products/ UBOSbox is a pre-configured server appliance that enables consumers and small businesses to take their data home from internet platforms such as Google Docs or Dropbox onto a server they control. No spying or tracking by third parties; no lock-in and no subscription fees. Now ships with Nextcloud Hub, the leading open-source document collaboration solution that includes Google-Docs-style collaborative editing in the browser, calendaring, chat and much more.

Transmute: Margo Johnson, Karyl Fowler, Guillaume Dardelet, Orie Steele URL: https://www.transmute.industries/ Transmute brings emergent technology like decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials into global supply chain transactions. This technical demo features several core enterprise agent functions, including OICD integration, encrypted data storage, and interoperable credential exchange with the Credential Handler API.

ArcBlock "A new way to manage decentralized identities using ArcBlock's ABT Wallet." Matt McKinney, Jon Lu URL: https://www.arcblock.io/en/try-identity-now See how ArcBlock’s ABT Wallet makes it easy to manage a user’s identity and online profiles and let’s app builders reimagine what’s possible for their customers by using an identity-driven user experience.