IIW 30 Demo Hour

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IIW 30 Demo Hour / Wednesday April 29 1:30 - 2:30

'Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/

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1. MySudo by Anonyome Labs: Steve McCown & Jon St. John URL: https://mysudo.com MySudo helps users manage activity-based identities called Sudos, which sandbox online activities using unique contact points (e.g., phone, email). Upcoming Sudo versions will contain Self-Sovereign Identity elements for added security and interoperability with other SSI agents.

2. Workday Inc. Badges with Workday Credentials & WayTo by Workday: Kendra Bittner URL: https://www.workday.com/en-us/applications/credentials.html Using blockchain technology, Workday Credentials* offers organizations a way to securely request, issue, and verify credentials for a worker’s skills, education, certifications, and more. See how we leverage open badges to provide a publicly shareable and discoverable artifact backed by your private verifiable credentials

3. HearRo Identity Based Communication (IDC): Vic Cooper - CEO HearRo, Inc. URL: https://www.hearro.com The need for organizations to easily connect with their customers/citizens in highly personalized yet secure and efficient ways has never been greater or more urgent. See how HearRo uses SSI and DID Comm to enable secure “1-click” communications between People, Organizations and Things.

4. Validated ID - eIDAS Bridge: Albert Solana / Xavier Vila URL: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection/ssi-eidas-bridge This project proposes a way to interconnect SSI with eIDAS Trust Framework by sealing credentials with Qualified Electronic Certificates. On this demo we will show you how.

5. SeLF & esatus Wallet by esatus AG: André Kudra & Christopher Hempel URL: https://self-ssi.com/en/ SeLF integrates Self-Sovereign Identity into exiting IT-infrastructure. SSI credential-based access rules are transformed into authentication and authorization objects that can be synchronized and used by conventional technologies like SAML or OIDC.

6. JLINC Labs: John Wunderlich / Iain Henderson URL: https://jlinc.com Description: TBD

7. Spherity Cloud Wallet: Michael Rüther & Juan Caballero URL: https://spherity.com Description: We will demonstrate our TPRM consortium solution, which allows cloud-based custodial wallets (in this case, our new Indy wallet and that of Swisscom) to issue, exchange, and verify credentials.

8. GS1 (the organization behind the barcode): Phil Archer URL https://gs1.github.io/DigitalLinkDocs/principles/ Live demonstration and discussion of the GS1 resolver. Not a DID resolver, but nevertheless a decentralized, self-sovereign system for resolving identifiers to multiple related resources over HTTPS.

9. Mattr. A performant ZKP capable digital signature scheme for use with attribute based credentials / verifiable credentials: Tobias Looker URL: https://mattr.global/ https://github.com/MATTRglobal A demo of a performant ZKP capable digital signature scheme that enables multi-message signing and selective disclosure. We will demo how this digital signature scheme can be used to create selectively disclosable verifiable credentials.

10. Transmute: Margo Johnson, Karyl Fowler, Guillaume Dardelet, Orie Steele URL: https://www.transmute.industries/ Transmute brings emergent technology like decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials into global supply chain transactions. This technical demo features several core enterprise agent functions, including OICD integration, encrypted data storage, and interoperable credential exchange with the Credential Handler API.

11. Danube Tech: Universal DID and VC Infrastructure: Markus Sabadello and Philipp Potisk URLs: https://uniresolver.io/, https://uniregistrar.io/, https://uniissuer.io/, https://univerifier.io/ We will be demoing tools such as the Universal Resolver and related tools, which allow the use of DIDs and VCs in a way that provides interoperability with as many different technologies and vendors as possible.

12. ArcBlock "A new way to manage decentralized identities using ArcBlock's ABT Wallet." Matt McKinney, Jon Lu URL: https://www.arcblock.io/en/try-identity-now See how ArcBlock’s ABT Wallet makes it easy to manage a user’s identity and online profiles and let’s app builders reimagine what’s possible for their customers by using an identity-driven user experience.

13. ConsenSys: Oliver Terbu URL/Link: https://github.com/uport-project/daf DID Agent Framework is a pluggable SSI framework which provides CLI, graphql and TypeScript interfaces. We will show how to add SSI to existing ETH wallets using the popular WalletConnect protocol.

14. Identity & Groups & Devices for Decentralized Applications on DxOS created by Wireline: Chris Waclawek, David Boreham, Kaliya Young URL: https://www.wireline.io/ This demo two different users creating an identity and using it to edit a shared decentralized document (that uses CRDT) - its google Apps like functionality without google in the middle. It also shows users adding devices to be able to access the same document from multiple devices.

15. Streetcred ID: Riley Hughes, Tomislav Markovski, Matt Norton, Michael Black URL: developer.streetcred.id/ Issue verifiable credentials in 5 minutes.