IIW 29 Demo Hour

From IIW

IIW 29 Demo Hour / Wednesday October 2 1:30 - 2:30

Brought to Us by Hyperledger: https://www.hyperledger.org/


1. Gluu Gateway: Mike Schwartz URL: https://gluu.org/docs/gg/ Gluu Gateway is an HTTP proxy to control access to web sites and API's using OAuth or UMA access tokens. Use cases include centralized policy management, stepped-up authentication, or explicit user consent. You can manage policies in the Gluu Server or an external policy server.

2. SeLF by esatus AG: Carsten Eichhoefer and Christopher Hempel URL: https://self-ssi.com/en SeLF transforms SSI credential-based access rules into authentication and authorization objects that can be synchronized and used by conventional technologies like SAML or LDAP.

3. Transmute ID: Karyl Fowler & Margo Johnson URL: https://www.transmute.industries/transmute-id Transmute ID brings decentralized identities and verifiable credentials into traceable multi-party business transactions integrated with major storage and identity access management tools. Scalable DIDs are possible with Element – the Sidetree protocol on top of Ethereum and IPFS.

4. yes.com: Torsten Lodderstedt URL: www.yes.com yes® introduces a scheme that enables bank customers to use their online banking accounts for conducting various digital transactions, such as login, registration, identification, payment and signing, with Relying Parties. Use of bank-verified KYC data in conjunction with online banking multi-factor authentication allows to address use cases up to eIDAS trust level substantial.

5. ConsenSys / Ivan: Wayne Chang URL: http://www.ivanidentity.com/ (to be launched in September) Ivan stands for Identity Verification Attestation Network. Ivan is software that allows you to create and share real-world identities for people, places, and things and map their interrelationships.

6. Vivvo - DID Authentication and Wallet Recovery: Lucas Tétreault and Jamie Jamieson URL: https://www.vivvo.com/citizenone-eeze/ A quick demo of Vivvo's mobile DID/VC wallet. Create a wallet, use it to authenticate, and recover your wallet if you lose your phone.

7. GÉANT project - "eduGAIN: Global Identity Federation in Research and Education": Niels van Dijk (SURF) URL: https://edugain.org/ This demo will showcase the current state of eduGAIN, an Identity federation in Research and Education in use across more then 63 countries. I will briefly discuss its reach, discuss some of the technical background and showcase some of the services that it enables.

8. Workday Credentials: Bjorn Hamel URL: https://credentials.workday.com/ Workday Credentials is a decentralized, standards-compliant platform for Issuing, Holding and Verifying credentials. We will be doing a short demo of all these capabilities.

9. Duo Mobile and Partner Program Opportunities: Leya Leydiker URL: https://duo.com At Duo, we combine security expertise with a user-centered philosophy to provide two-factor authentication, endpoint remediation and secure single sign-on tools for the modern era. Partner with us to connect and collaborate with Duo customers, resellers and developers.

10. ConSensys – SeedQuest / A 3D Mnemonic Game for Key Recovery: Michael Mendoza URL: https://github.com/reputage/seedQuest SeedQuest is a 3D mnemonic game for key recovery (128 bit cryptographic seed used to generate key). It is designed to be simple and fun. Instead of memorizing your seed, you memorize actions in the game to recover your seed. After learning the actions, simply play the game to recover your seed. That's it. This complements other methods of key (seed) recovery as it is self-contained. This is a mnemonic capable of learning and recalling 128 bits of entropy.

11. ISO 18013-5 Mobile Driver’s License from GET Group NA: David Kelts URL: https://getgroupna.com/media-center/resources/mobile-id-resources/ Mobile Driver’s Licenses and Mobile ID Cards are being standardized now and should be in production during 2020. Learn how you can accept an mDL and the different modes of interaction supported by the ISO 18013-5 standard.

12.Manifold -- Manage All Your Things: Bruce Conrad URL: manifold.picolabs.io A demo of the "Safe and Mine" application in Manifold to help when you lose one of your things. Also a give-away of tags that you can physically attach to your things.

13.IBM Decentralized Identity Offerings: Milan Patel URL: https://docs.info.verify-creds.com/explore/interactive_guide/ Interactive experience that showcases IBM Decentralized Identity offerings and an end to end experience of credential lifecycle management - issue, hold, and verify built using Hyperledger protocols. https://docs.info.verify-creds.com/explore/interactive_guide/

14.Universal DID Registration and Resolution: Markus Sabadello URL: https://uniresolver.io/ Interoperability on the DID layer is becoming more and more important. Let's look at some existing tools that can help!

15.Wireline Wireline Launchpad demo: Chris Waclawek, Karissa McKelvey URL: https://www.wireline.io/ Wireline's Launchpad is a decentralized alternative to Google Apps.Demonstration of peer-to-peer applications with censorship resistance, self-sovereign identity, and local-first data ownership.

16.Streetcred ID: Michael Boyd, Tomislav Markovski, Riley Hughes URL: https://demo.streetcred.id (not active yet. Will be by IIW) Experience Streetcred's API in action. Our demo will show you how to setup your organization to issue a verifiable credential to your user’s digital wallet within 5 minutes.

17.Kiva. Biometric eKYC checks via Hyperledger Indy: Horacio Nunes, Camillo Parra URL: https://www.kiva.org/protocolKiva Protocol is using blockchain to provide microfinance access to communities that have traditionally been considered too poor or rural to serve. In this demo, we will demonstrate Hyperledger Indy's ability to provide eKYC checks to financially underserved populations.

18.Self-Sovereign Biometric Credentials: John Callahan, Chief Technology Officer / Veridium URL: https://app.box.com/s/53xvyvqbj236v8vplxc65ppvg9rwjma2 The process for secure collection of fingerprint-based credentials that could be used in several countries currently requiring fingerprint-based KYC/AML checks for identity verification in which only the end-user holds the actual biometric information.

19.TAG’s Real-ITs Emoji Project and To Air Gap or Not To Air Gap IIW.28 Survey Results: Jeff Orgel URL: Link up at the table for the Reveal - “Facing” Your Self. Also presenting results from “To Air Gap or Not to Air Gap” survey of IIW.28

20.HearRo, Inc is the company and our product is also called HearRo: Vic Cooper URL: https://www.hearro.com HearRo uses SSI to create unique, trusted connections that enable effortless communication. Built for enterprise call centers, using HearRo means no id questions, no waiting on hold, no starting over.

21.Spaceman ID - SMS SSI agents: Dev Bharel and Alexis Falquier URL: https://spaceman.id Showcasing a new method of creating and maintaining an agent through SMS controlled cloud hosted wallets. See how a user using only text messages can connect with our API in order to create a sovrin agent. This agent can connect with other agents, receive credentials, and fulfill proof requests.

22.Blockstack PBC: Jude Nelson URL: https://blockstack.org Free and instant sign-up and authentication in a Blockstack's decentralized identity system.

23.Xertify: Sebastian Farfan URL: https://xertify.co/ Xertify is a network were people and institutions can exchange trusty information using blockchain technology. We build a digital wallet for users so they can hold all their verified information and share it if they want. For institution we build a solution that helps the process of issuing documents easier and faster.

24.Where did my password go? Yubico: Chris Streeks and John Fontana) URL: https://yubico.com ___________________________ This is where your password used to be. Visit us to see where it went.

25. IdRamp - Self Sovereign Identity the Enterprise and Beyond: Mike Vesey URL: idramp.com/ledger Learn how practical Interoperability with enterprise infrastructure enables adoption of decentralized identity.