IIW 28 Tech Sandbox Breakfast Fair

From IIW

Presenting the Technology Sandbox Breakfast Fair at IIW27 Brought to us by digi.me https://digi.me/

We are offering a new component at IIW this spring ~ read on to find out more!

This time is for Identity Technology Providers to offer a real hands-on experience with the latest identity tech available to IIW attendees, in one on one and small group interactions. Come and play with IIW tech Thursday morning before and during breakfast (8:00 – 9:00.)

Below are the Technology Providers who will be offering hands-on experience and more!

digi.me / Current PC/Mac, iOS/Android version application: Jim Pasquale URL: https://digi.me/ Digi.me enables the new personal data economy allowing individuals to share more data, for greater value with complete privacy, security and consent. Private Sharing https://digi.me/partners/ is the quickest and most secure way to build apps https://developers.digi.me/ that respect user privacy and security by design.

UBOSbox: Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp URL: https://indiecomputing.com/products/ UBOSbox is a pre-configured home server that enables users to take their personal data home from on-line services such as Dropbox onto hardware they control. Now shipping. Looking for more apps to ship, e.g. self-sovereign digital identity, IoT, VRM and others!

The Kantara Initiative Consent Receipt /from specification to interoperability: Andrew Hughes URL: https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/infosharing/Home When the next data breach hits the news how will you know if you are affected? With a @KantaraNews Consent Receipt in your Privacy Dashboard, of course. A transaction receipt for your personal data? What a concept!

Jolocom SmartWallet: Ellie Stephens, Eugeniu Rusu, Joachim Lohkamp URL: https://Jolocom.io - or go directly to the demo at bit.ly/Smartwalletalpha Who controls your digital identity? Jolocom's self-sovereign identity solution empowers any person, organization or IoT device to collect, carry and share the information that defines them. Meet with members of the team to walk through a demo, answer questions you have from a business perspective, or dive into the technology stack.

How Self Sovereign Identities will Revolutionize Healthcare: Leah Houston, MD URL: https://hpec.io/ The 21st century cures act demands interoperability between our health information systems. The only way to have true interoperability is the have true self sovereignty over our digital interaction with the healthcare system. The future of healthcare will be delivered, communicated and digitally documented peer-to-peer through decentralized identities- We are removing the third party friction of our current system. Follow us @LeahHoustonMD and @HPECDAO

IdRamp "Authority" - Enterprise ready decentralized identity: Mike Vesey URL: idramp.com/ledger - Learn how practical Interoperability with enterprise infrastructure enables adoption of decentralized identity.

Connect.Me Identity Manager app and Onfido ID: Vladimir Vujovic and Michele Casaldi Get a real, permanent Sovrin credential, issued by Onfido on the Sovrin MainNet! Download and set up your Connect.Me wallet app, available now in App Store and Google Play, get your ID verified and receive Onfido ID with most commonly needed attributes on the Sovrin MainNet.