IIW 28 Session Notes

From IIW

Tuesday April 30, 2019

Session 1

11:00 - 12:00

1A/DID Communication Callbacks, Hubs, and Agents

1B/OAuth 2 An Introduction – 101 Session

1C/WebAuthn (101) An Introduction to the Specification

1F/Your Data Your Currency You Terms & What Do People Need to No Longer Need Facebook?

1M/Decentralized DID’s

Session 2

12:00 - 1:00

2A/IIW Book! Come get a REAL IIW attendance verification credential and prove it to your IIW friends using your phone!

2B/Introduction to Open ID Connect – 101 Session

2C/Blockchain Social Media & Relationship Sharing

2D/Identity Management in Physical Security World

2F/Sidetree protocol – Massivly Scalable Decentralized Identifiers – DEEP DIVE

2G/A Standardized Information Governance Label for apps and services

2L/Tokenization with DID’s?

2M/SSI Startups – Partnerships, Investments, Recruiting/Jobs, Ideas

Lunch Session

1:00 - 2:00

Where are the KARMIC Identity Endpoints?

Session 3

2:00 - 3:00

3A/What Does a Layered Identity Model Look Like? (Like OSI 7-Layer Model for Networking)

3B/Use – Managed Access (UMA) – 101 Session

3C/Relationship Lens

3F/JWT Profile for Access Tokens

3G/Universal Resolver for DID’s – What it is and Why it matters

3H/Open Banking – Variable Scopes – Multi-Scope Tokens

3I/Key Management/Usability for Lay People

3J/Personal Information Value Equation

3M/Rubrics for Decentralized Identifiers

Session 4

3:00 - 4:00

4A/Git + DID (and fully anonymous open source Projects)

4B/FIDO – 101 Session

4C/Gov’t IS the solution to ID – Change my mind

4D/How can trusted identities be accepted by governments and industries?

4F/Self-Issued OpenID Connect (SIOP) DID Auth Flavor

4H/Identity @ Hyperledger *Indy *Ursa *Aries *Idemix & FabrCA

4I/What is the Problem? – Customer discovery lessons and techniques for building identity products for business

4J/There Is No Scope – Doing Scope, Cliams the OIDC Way – IRL

4L/Is IAL Enough? *Do we need more vectors to communicate both assurance need + “level”? *How are you filling the gap? * Where is it working well?

4M/WEB AUTHN Together with DID’s

Session 5

4:00 - 5:00

5A/Meta-Platforms cooperative network of Networks Scaling effects: Decentralized Identity – Transcontexted Value Transfer

5B/Intro to Self Sovereign Identity - 101 Session

5C/5Radical Ways to Keep Vendors Accountable for Your Data!!! Kantara Consent Receipt

5D/Is Practical Sybil-Resistant Self-Sovereign Identity Possible?

5E/MyData HUB (101:The Declaration)

5F/OAuth Clients Create Token

5G/The Case for an OIDC Ephemeral ID

5H/Machine Identity

5I/Deep Dive Demo – Connect Me + Onfido Creden

5J/Digital Natives: How do we get them to care about Digital Identity?

5L/Wyoming Laws & Regs Proposals

5M/Ask Me Anything about Sovrin Foundation

Closing Circle

Digital Identity for Refugees & Disenfranchised Populations: The “Invisibles” and Standards for Sovereign Identity

Wednesday May 1, 2019

Session 6

9:30 - 10:30

6A/A Process for Discovering Truth? Can credentialed chains, or other ID Tech, help create authentic voices learning from historical research practices of Museums & Archives.

6B/OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance

6C/FastFed Easy Connections IDP – APP + Governance – Who should have permissions in the App

6F/Developing Standards – involving Non-Tech? and Tech? People

6G/Alice to Bob – Self Sovereign Interoperability Without Censorship – U.S. Federal Regulations

6H/DID Communication – What is Message Routing and why you want it in your life

6I/XACML / ABAC / UML 2.0 and SSI Policies

6J/Let’s Build A Decentralized Social Network

6M/What’s Supposed To Happen When A DID Operator Goes Out Of Business?

Session 7

10:30- 11:30

7A/XYZ Transactional Authorization


7C/Healthcare & SSI ??? Use Cases for All

7F/Protocols vs API’s – Resolving the programming paradigm difference between DIF and Indy

7G/Approach to Bottom-Up Standardization of Claim Content Structures #interop

7H/Git +DID pt. 2.1

7I/Making a Map of all the Working Groups Working on SSI/Decntralized ID + how it fits together + making a weekly/monthly + yearly calendar

7M/DATA Fiduciaries FTW

Session 8

11:30 - 12:30

8A/Git + DID pt 2.2

8B/GC Gov – Indy Catalyst Agent + Agent Framework: What are they?

8C/Product Chain Overview & Update

8D/OAuth 2.0 + on single page Applications

8E/Anonymous Saliva DNA Extraction Kit using Blockchain

8F/Privacy Chain Overview & Update

8G/Hey Kids, Let’s Build a Trustworthy, Decentralized, User-Focused Web Ecosystem!

8H/Where Have All the Trust Frameworks Gone?

8I/Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP)

8J/Taxonomy for Digital Credentials – interoperability / multilingual

8K/Verifiable Credentials Q & A?

8L/How Can We Detach Users from CENTRALIZED Social Media?

8M/DID Communication Message (JWE) Encryption


12:30 - 1:30

Karma DID Method:  Buddhist Approach to Identity

Domain-Specific:  Governance Frameworks – What Are They & Why Might You Need One?

Session 9

2:30 - 3:30

9A/Linked Secrets and ZKP’s

9B/Women In Identity @womeninID *Plans for 2019 * How do we create success? (Allies & Supporters Welcome!)

9C/Vectors of Trust

9D/DID Communication Message Types

9F/Self-Sovereign Commerce (VRM, Me2B) Progress Report & TBD’s

9G/Paradox: Recovering from Maximum Personal Data Disaster (when all is lost)

9H/Are Crypto Wars Coming? Issues & Solutions

9I/Workshop on a Layered Model of Identity for Iteroperability

9J/App Level proof of Possession Dpop/Pop A Case Study

9L/Privacy Engineering in Context + Relational Integrity

9M/Smart Custody

Session 10

3:30 - 4:30

10A/Seed Quest 3D Game Mnemonic Easy + Fun Demo Seed

10B/Me2B Alliance Intro

10D/How to Issue That? The DIF Credential Manifest

10E/The Peer DID’s Without a Blockchain or any other Central Truth

10F/Managing SSI (A relying party perspective)

10G/How Do We Move From Good Intentions – Gender Parity at Conferences

10H/Creating an Ecosystem of Trusted Applications – Oauth2 Dynamic Client Registration

10I/Overlays (ODCA) What are they and how do they intersect with self sovereign identity?

10J/IEEE in Digital Identity + Inclusion – InDIITA 2019 Bangalore – Standards + Programs – Ethics

10L/Community Claims & Discovery

10M/There Oughtta Be A Law! OCCAM’s Regulation, Legal Engineering, & Policy

Thursday May 2, 2019

Session 11

9:30 - 10:30

11A/Fraud w/Cred – Attack Vectors and Remediation's

11B/Intro to Me2B (1/4)

11E/Why “Specific & Informed Consent” is Nonsense (or Not)

11F/Hub/Agent Cloud Stuff Project/Company Intro’s/Explainers

11G/PWN-Back Your ID (from Equifax, Experian, Transunion) Check-it-Protect It

11H/DPoP – Current Draft, Next Steps

Session 12

10:30 - 11:30

12A/On No You DIDn’t! Your identity is not self-sovereign.

12B/Me2B – Have YOU Changed Activity Because Unethical Data Company? (1/4)

12C/Get Real ONFIDO ID on Your Connect.Me Digital Wallet

12F/Wireline P2P O/S

12G/What Do Activists Need To Know?

12H/Sidetree on Ethereum “Element

12J/Otology + 00 Taxonomy – Crafting Chaordic Organizations in an Ontonomic World

Session 13

11:30 - 12:30

13A/Hub/Agent Action Meta Protocol

13B/Social Contract: Universal Guiding Principles – Me2B (3/4)

13C/The Identity.com Validator ToolKit / Demo with OnFido +SoOm Integrator

13D/How SSI Can Disrupt Platforms

13F/OffChain (PKI) Key Management – Revocation Rotation

13G/Latest in Verifiable Credentials Crypto

13H/Workflow/Forms and SSI Credentials

Session 14

12:30 - 2:00

14D/PDPR (Personal Data Protection Regime) – A discussion on Digital Street Smarts & IDRC What are the foundational rights of an individual= Independence Respect Dignity Consent

14F/Let’s Make a Map! Of OAUTH Specs

14G/What I learned in India about their National ID System

14J/Hyperledger ARIES – Ledger Agnostic Open Source

Session 15

2:00 - 3:00

15A/Formal Security Analysis of Web Protocols

15B/Me2B Code of Practice / Harms Workshop (4/4)

15C/The 4 Layer Digital Trust Infrastructure Stack

15F/Selling the Business of Value of DID’s

15G/SSI Agents for the IoT Using Pico’s

15I/The 4 Layer Digital Trust Infrastructure Stack