IIW 28 Demo Hour

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IIW 28 Demo Hour / Wednesday May 1st 1:30 - 2:30

Brought to Us by Hyperledger: https://www.hyperledger.org/


1. WSO2 IAM - Keep Calm and Authenticate: Why adaptive is the way to go: Ayesha Dissanayaka, Maduranga Siriwardena URL: https://wso2.com/identity-and-access-management/ Adaptive authentication is an evolved form of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) where authentication steps can be configured and deployed based on user profile and behavior. WSO2 IAM enables an organization to apply extra security only when needed while increasing usability.

2. Jolocom SmartWallet: Ellie Stephens, Eugeniu Rusu, Joachim Lohkamp URL: https://Jolocom.io - or go directly to the demo at bit.ly/Smartwalletalpha Who controls your digital identity? Jolocom's self-sovereign identity solution empowers any person, organization or IoT device to collect, carry and share the information that defines them. Test out your self-sovereign identity with Jolocom by downloading the user-facing SmartWallet, adding your credentials, and sharing those to access services.

3. digi.me / Current PC/Mac, iOS/Android version application: Jim Pasquale URL: https://digi.me/ Digi.me enables the new personal data economy allowing individuals to share more data, for greater value with complete privacy, security and consent. Private Sharing https://digi.me/partners/ is the quickest and most secure way to build apps https://developers.digi.me/ that respect user privacy and security by design.

4. NextLabs Inc., CloudAz: Data Centric Security & Attribute Based Access Control in the Cloud Jason Hammond, Principal Sales Engineer URL: https://www.cloudaz.com/home NextLabs CloudAz is a Cloud Authorization Service providing Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) for custom and COTS apps. CloudAz helps secure your applications, speeds time to market, simplifies policy management, and reduces security and compliance costs.

5. Trustee - A Standards-based Self-Sovereign Agent: Adrian Gropper URL: https://trustee.ai/ Trustee by HIE of One uses UMA, uPort, and OIDC to show how Verifiable Credentials and DIDs go beyond federated identity to create a patient-owned self-sovereign health record that self-sovereign licensed practitioners can sign into and be held accountable without intermediaries.

6. JLINC Labs - User push CRM Updates: John Wunderlich URL:https://www.jlinc.com The JLINC protocol enables customers to control their own information and preferences with live permissions. The ability for customers to provide permissions in real-time means that notice and consent are moot. By actually empowering the individual companies can build trust with their customers, get better information, and reduce regulatory risk.

7. IDENTOS - Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX) : Alec Laws URL: https://identos.com/ https://identos.com/products-federated-privacy-exchange-fpe/ FPX was built to put people in control of their privacy and reduce silos for a connected online experience; FPX is next generation IAM technology, providing digital authentication, authorization & governance to enable trusted ecosystems & complex integrations across a jurisdiction.

8. IIWBook: Trusted Peer-to-Peer Messaging using DIDs, Verifiable Connections and Agents: John Jordan, Stephen Curran, The Government of British Columbia URL: http://iiw.vonx.io Learn about the SSI-tech behind IIWBook—a demo of DID comm. interoperability. Use your phone to receive verifiable credentials (e.g. emails, attendance @ IIW), find peers, connect to, authenticate and send end-to-end encrypted messages. Keep the conversation going after IIW!

9. IdRamp "Authority" - Enterprise ready decentralized identity: Mike Vesey URL: https://idramp.com /ledger - Learn how practical Interoperability with enterprise infrastructure enables adoption of decentralized identity.

10. Danube Tech - Universal DID Infrastructure: Nader Helmy URL: https://uniresolver.io , uniregistrar.io Now that we have basic functionality for resolving a DID, we will demonstrate a more complete toolset for DIDs which will practically enable developers to build blockchain-agnostic applications.

11. Sphere Identity - A brand new way to sign up: Asya Ivanova URL: https://sphereidentity.com A simplified customer sign-up experience that hands the control back to users, an alternative to forms, passwords and even typing. It reduces sign-up abandonment rates and allows flexibility around user data. The original implementation of a 3-party consent receipt.

12. Botlabs, KILT Protocol: Matthias Moeller, Marton Csernai URL: https://kilt.io KILT is a blockchain protocol that incentivizes claim standardization and facilitates the management of trust relationships on the internet. The KILT Trust Market enables new business models for anyone who owns trust or wants to build up both simple and complex trust solutions.

13. Frozen Pii, LLC: Tom O’Malley (Founder) URL: http://www.FrozenPii.com - Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) cannot be achieved without people first controlling their “financial identity” collected and sold by the credit reporting agency oligopoly - Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Frozen Pii provides people with information and trusted links to secure and control their “financial identity.” A consumer-controlled PiiCloud will be demonstrated.

14. Yubikey - FIDO has Browsers: John Fontana URL: https://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware Get a glimpse of FIDO2, W3C Web Authn standards working on the Microsoft platform and in browsers, along with other FIDO (and YubiKey) options for strong authentication. The next version of FIDO/Web Authn was blessed as a standard on March 4 and is ready to deploy. But don’t forget Yubico also supports open standards such as PIV, OATH, and OpenPGP.

15. PDPR - Personal Data Protection Regimen- Technical Associates Group, LLC: Jeff Orgel The concept of a Personal Data Protection Regimen is designed to illustrate how HumanOS practices (aka decisions) influence user IT relationships. These decisions shape systems and algorithms that will impact the user’s online identity and presence.

16. Endorser Search: Trent Larson URL: https://github.com/trentlarson/endorser-ch We want to make it ridiculously easy to make arbitrary claims, and then search for claims by people who are within your close network (ie. those who have supported your own claims and/or confirmations). Using uPort and a server, we hope to enable discovery but preserve privacy.

17. ConSensys – SeedQuest / A 3D Mnemonic Game for Key Recovery: Michael Mendoza URL: https://github.com/reputage/seedQuest SeedQuest is a 3D mnemonic game for key recovery. It is designed to be simple and fun. Instead of memorizing your key, you memorize actions in the game to recover your key. After learning the actions, simply play the game to recover your private key. That's it.

18. Transmute - Transmute ID and Sidetree Element: Margo Johnson URL: https://www.transmute.industries/transmute-id Transmute ID brings decentralized identities and verifiable credentials into traceable multi-party business transactions. The app is an identity security layer integrated with major cloud storage and identity access management tools. Scalable DIDs are possible with Element – the Sidetree protocol on top of Ethereum and IPFS.

19. UBOSbox: Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp URL: https://indiecomputing.com/products/ UBOSbox is a pre-configured home server that enables users to take their personal data home from on-line services such as Dropbox onto hardware they control. Now shipping. Looking for more apps to ship, e.g. self-sovereign digital identity, IoT, VRM and others!

20. Mattr: Tobias Looker and Josh Hill URL: https://www.mattr.global SSI products built upon Hyperledger Indy and AgentFramework (https://github.com/streetcred-id/agent-framework) demoing a range of SSI use-cases.

21. Wireline D-Suite demo: Pete Rowley, Chris Waclawek URL: https://www.wireline.io/ DSuite is a proof of concept decentralized alternative to Google Apps. Build as a demo application of Wireline stack enabling p2p, censorship resistance, self sovereign identity, data ownership.

22. Blockchain Commons - AirGap Wallet Demo & Standards: Christopher Allen @ChristopherA URL: https://www.BlockchainCommons.com See how we can use airgapped QR codes to more securely support multi-persona wallets for both identity & digital assets. Included also simple social key recovery.