IIW 20 Notes

From IIW

Tuesday April 7, 2015

Session 1

1C/ Inter-Domain Relationship Sharing & Friend Requesting

1D/ Intimate Wearables (AKA IoT)

1F/ Trust & Consent / Consent Receipts for Personal Data Control

1G/ Hacking Privacy Policy by Managing Politicians

1H/ IndieWeb Principles & Protocols to OWN YOUR IDENTITY

1I/ Personal Data Ownership in a Corporate World

Session 2

2A/ Engaging Voters Through A Policy Management Game

2D/ The Emerging Field of Consent Management – Next Gen UI Infrastructure Under the Hood

2F/ VRM: Customer Needs – Definitions

2G/ Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium – Growth and Opportunity

2H/ Lessons Learned – SAML & OIDC @AWS

2I/ Distributed Capabilities - Systems for Real Time Communication

LUNCH F - Privacy on FHIR

Session 3

3A/ FIDO U2F Update / What’s New & Drawing Board

3C/ Enhancing the Digital Currency Oppoertunity

3F/ VRM: Vendor Needs - Definitions

3G/ (new?) Business Models Based on Reputation

3H/ Mobile Profile OpenID Connect (Part 1 working session)

Session 4

4A/ IoP: Net of Policies – Phil W’s Personal Pot Hole (PPP)

4C/ IETF ACE – Authentication & Authz for Internet of Things / Scenarios & Solutions

4D/ PDEC – Call for Hot Topics / Papers (Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium)

4F/ Mobile Profile of OpenID Connect (Part 2 working session)

4G/ Local RE-Delegation With OATH

4H/ Blending Education, Consumer + Enterprise Identities / Identity in the Academy (and beyond)

4J/ Blockchain and Minecraft – Can Someone Tell Me About B/C @101

Session 5

5A/ Modeling Privacy Policy in a Political Management Game

5C/ The VRM Value Proposition (Biz Model Canvas)

5F/ Account Chooser and Mobile Connect / What must we change?

5H/ Get on the IndieWeb in Minutes

5I/ Notif Update

5J/ How Blockchain Can Solve All Our (identity) Problems

Wednesday April 8, 2015

Session 1

1A/ Vectors of Trust

1D/ XDI Review and Demo

1E/ SSO, Hello and PassPort – updates to Identity in Windows

1G/ Cloud for Things

1H/ Can Technology Revolutionize Consumer Citizen Activism

Session 2

2A/ Trust Elevation

2C/ Blockchain Tech 101 + Identity (onename)

2D/ What’s New in Pico’s & Clouds?

2E/ University Community (InCommon, Internet2, Identity Registries, API’s)

2G/ GovTrain – CluGov

2H/ AWS Identity Round Table (Amazon Web Services)

2J/ Privacy Issues Regarding Federated Login’s

Session 3

3A/ Freedom Box Update

3C/ Fluffy are Kitties

3E/ Blockchain Based Authentication

3G/ Bureaucracy & #IoT

3I/ Influencing Social Expectations of Online Info Services Through Ecosystem Codes of Practice

3J/ Workshop: Best Practices of Profiles from 10 Years of IIW


LF/ Business Models Based on Reputation Part 2

LG/ IIW Like Events in Other Countries

Session 4

4C/ Distributing Data Brokers

4D/ MyWave VRM: A Deeper Look

4F/ Terms We Assert / Consent & User Submitted Terms

4G/ VRM In the Developing World

4H/ Honest(er) Ratings System – Let’s Build It

4I/ OTTO = Open Trust Taxonomy OAuthz / Session #1 Charter

4J/ IIW Connectivity Inbetween IIW / A Discussion of Identity

Session 5

5C/ Identity Binding in the Extended Enterprise

5D/ Creating Trust At Scale – In the Sharing Economy (Why do we let strangers stay in our homes?)

5F/ OASIS XDITC - open meeting

5G/ Put a Roter File into a Blockchain

5H/ VRM: Market Maker

5I/ A Guide for Integration of Authentication Technologies

5J/ UMA 101 – Everything You Wanted to Know About User Managed Access But Were Afraid to Ask

Thursday April 9, 2015

Session 1

1C/ NAPPS Update – Native Apps SSO (a working group of OIDF)

1G/ Haman Centered Computing/Scenario Planning or Avoiding the Compuserve of Things

1F/ TosBack 2 / Terms of Service + Privacy Policies Archiving + Analysis

1H/ Identity Anthology – Input and Feedback

Session 2

2E/ My OWN $5/mo UMA Authorization Server

2F/ Useable PKI

2G/ API’s (Fusion Drives)

Session 3

3D/ Enterprise Single Sign-On and Social Networking *Mobile Centric*

3F/ User Terms Continued…

3H/ Digital ID Images – Sharing visuals that you created that clarify some issue.

3J/ Implement IndieWeb on Your Service in Minutes

Session 4

4F/ Open Notice + Consent Receipts Working Call-In/Working Session

4G/ VRM FrameWork: Define the Developer Role in the VRM Framework

4J/ (in)Security Questions

Session 5

5C/ Meet ‘Frank’ The MyWave VRM Personal Assistant

5E/ Architecting a “best” Scenario: Digital Communities that Self-Balance on Reputation, Privacy & other Norms//Pen Names

5F/ Mozilla Listens to IIW

5G/ RISC = Risk & Incident Sharing & Cooordination (working group of OIDF)

5H/ H.E.A.R.T. Working group session – UMA security profile (Health Relationship Trust)