IIW 19 Notes

From IIW

Tuesday October 28, 2014

Session 1

1B/ Notifs .... a new messaging medium

1C/ Interoperable Consent Management

1D/ Account Sharing at the IDP (Identity Provider)

1F/ Boarderless Connectivity (Ambient & Ubiquitous)

1G/ Surveillance Identity and YOU

1H/ Root Identity – Decentralized ID Tech

1J/ Respect Connect Protocol

1K/ Open Discussion: Identity Verification for People w/o Paper Trail

Session 2

2A/ XDI / Respect Connect Person -- Business Connections Demo

2B/ Sustainable Net Protection “After Wikipedia Goes Light”

2C/ OAuth SPOP Working Session of Document in Working Group Last Call

2D/ XDI Graph Editor Demo

2E/ Report Out From Inter-Federation w/Shop: How to Develop Rules for Joining Federations Together

2F/ Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Open ID Connect (OIDC)

2H/ MAFA Mistaking AUTHN for AUTHZ

Session 3

3A/ XDI / Respect Connect Person -- Business Connections Demo

3B/ FIDO U2F Security Key – Emerging Standard Respecting Privacy

3C/ OAuth & Authentication / What can go wrong? Working Session of IETF - OAuth

3D/ Identities of Dead People / Linking Data from Museums, Archives & Libraries

3F/ Model Thinking: A Framework for VRM

3G/ Google “TAPPS” for Education

3H/ LOA’s “Vectors of Trust” and Consumer Protection

Session 4

4A/ For the Greater Good ~ ‘You are not a Special Snowflake’

4B/ Internet of Things (IoT) Door Lock Use Case

4C/ SCIM V2 Intro

4D/ Online Trackers and Advertisers That Use Them

4E/ Trust on Both Sides: Calculating AuthN actions the consumer chooses into HIGH trust for all R.P’s

4F/ VRM + CRM ~ Next Steps

4I/ Building RS ~ AS Trust With UMA

4J/ Travel to….. CYNJA SPACE

Session 5

5A/ Freedom Box “Danube Edition”

5B/ NAPPS Working Session

5E/ Ours or Theirs : A discussion of SSL Trust stories in Identity Protocols

5F/ SCIM APT Extensions: Who wants to add what?

5H/ Investing & Crowd Funding VRM

5J/ Use Managed Access (UMA) … Authorization for Internet of Things (IoT) /IoT & Identity

Wednesday October 29, 2014

Session 1

1A/ OAuth WG Status Check

1B/ How Do We Engage and Protect Kids In Cyperstace?

1C/ Health – Relationship – Turst: Come hare about the new HEART WG at Open ID Foundation

1G/ User Consent + Consent Management + STATS + Demo and Discussion

1H/ Firefox Social API: 2 years in, what next?

Session 2

2A/ SCIM API Extensions: Who wants to add what? Interests?

2C/ The VRM Social Network

2D/ Subscribe 2 WEB

2H/ Gold Identity Federation

Session 3

3A/ User Asserted Terms for VRM

3B/ Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) Exploring the Future with Dean

3C/ OAuth Challenge Grant?

3D/ NSA Surveillance in Austria

3H/ Build a New Saas app With Enterprise Identities: What would you do?

3I/ FEM vote. US The RE-Founding Sisters – Real Representation in Virtual Districts

3J/ The State of Anonymous Credentials (discussion)

Session 4

4A/ Open UMA Implementors’ meeting - - interop, feature tests…

4B/ Mobile Darwinism: From mobile to mobility

4F/ VRM + CRM Part2 The VRM Strikes Back

4H/ Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Identity Management: What’s New?

4I/ Conflict Resolution in Community

4J/ XDI Hackathon

4CHM – IBM 1401 DEMO (downstairs)

Session 5

5A/ Continuation of UMA Implementors’ Meeting

5B/ Mozilla Listens to IIW

5C/ Threat Based Authentication: Understanding the Risks of RBA

5F/ IoT Modeling with Picos: “Lessons From Fuse”

5H/ Trusting “Trust Frameworks” What needs to regular people have to make this “real?”

5J/ XDI Hackathon

Thursday October 30, 2014

Session 1

1D/ UMA Demo

1F/ Micro Services Containers, Reactive Manifesto and… Identity

1G/ OpenID Connect: Easier than you probably think it is

1H/ What Is A Federation?

1I/ Firefox Interest Dashboard

Session 2

2C/ ARM mbed/IoT

2D/ Notifs – (Repeat)

2F/ Vectors of Trust ---- Continued

2G/ The VRM Social Network Part II

2H/ QREDO Rendezvous Protocol

2I/ Introduction to the Indie Web

Session 3

3C/ Twitter in 2015: What do you want to see us do visavis account security , recovery, identity & privacy

3D/ U2F Explained

3F/ The REAL Internet – IoT

3G/ Access Token with Access Control List for IoT

Session 4

4E/ OAuth 2 Scope Design Discuss iom

4F/ VRM + CRM Part 3

4H/ Anchors of Idenity & Account Recovery – Round Table Discussion

Session 5

5A/ NAPPS Working Session Part 4

5D/ Online Voting: What do we need to have happen in “identity” before online voting happens?

5F/ CRM + VRM Branding for Consumers and Developers

5H/ Mozilla + VRM/Intersecting 2015

5CHM/ Bob’s Kabitzing Tour of the Museum